Among Us – MIRA HQ Launch Trailer

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  1. Bet rarely anyone uses the door logs. Pretty useful in my opinion. It helped me identify who killed who.

  2. Trailer of Mira HQ and Early map looks good but while ejected on old Mira HQ the player body spins I unlocked Mira HQ Cosmicube

  3. You guys know the full form of Mira hq? It's Mega Impostor Removal Agency Head Quaters

  4. I know among us isn’t popular anymore, I barely even play it anymore but here anyways.

    Skeld: barely has vents even tho it’s a spaceshit


  5. Mira HQ:I play it with other people in the game you know I have no clue how much it takes for a while

  6. Creador de amor buen día si te llamo y que podrías escribir con eso de que hablas que decías algo y se escribió solo no me gusta si yo quiero decirles algo como hola cómo estás el impostor y podemos hablar o si no puede ser dale creador a Mongas dos de volver hacer así dijo así <~<}#€}>|_>£*}€%!

  7. I cried while watching this video remembering the time when I had to stay at home and play this game with my friends •́⁠ ⁠ ⁠‿⁠ ⁠,⁠•̀

  8. This among us update is my favorite for a few reasons. The game was simple and fun, it had everything you needed but over time it received more content to this day. When I'm playing among us it always takes me out of the game every game and this was no longer fun for me. I know, it's silly but it's my own reasons.

  9. There should be some story to among us tbh, And I hope they add more stuff to each map they add.
    Like Mira hq had the exotic plants and vines which was so cool. Polus had the artifacts task where you had to sort them out,
    And the airship had… Guns lol

  10. Fun fact. The “water can get” is both a reference to Henry stickmen AND on super Mario sun shine, when Mario got a star on the Japanese version ( I think ) it says shine get!

  11. A dropship travelling the speed of the SR-71 Blackbird can easily crash into Mira Headquarters.

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