Henry Stickmin – Find all Among Us crewmates, Assemble the Crew Achievement, crew location guide

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How to get the Assemble the Crew Achievement in Completing the Mission (CtM). Where to find the impostor and all the crewmates? This is a location guide of all the AMONG US crew members, including the impostor one.

Completing the Mission is the sixth and final installation in the Stickpage/Newgrounds popular online game series Henry Stickmin created by Marcus “Puffballs United” Bromander. It released with the Henry Stickmin Collection on Steam on August 7th, 2020.

Master Bounty Hunter: The Red crewmate is next to a cabinet.

Cleaned ’em Out: Yellow crewmate can be seen on a crate.
When Henry is in the rocket and uses Leafmöde, the Blue crewmate is on a crate behind him.

Toppat 4 Life: the Green crewmate is located next to Phantom.

Toppat Civil Warfarethe Pink crewmate is seen in the ventilation duct with the electrical defense.

Capital Gains: the Orange crewmate is seen among the gold.

Revenged: At the start of the story, when Henry wakes up on board Dr. Vinschpinsilstien’s ship, the Black crewmate is next to his bed.

Free Man: The White crewmate can be seen floating in space.

Jewel Baron: The Purple crewmate is in the vault of the Toppat Orbital Station.

Triple Threat: If Henry and Ellie use Parasols to land on the control tower, the Brown crewmate can be seen inside the tower (far right).

Valiant Hero: The Cyan crewmate is in the luxury escape pod during the final choice screen.

Stickmin Space Resort: When Icepick and Sal Malone are arguing about switching hats, the Lime crewmate is in the open truck to the right.

Fake: in Valiant Hero, After using the trash ball, there will be a Tan “impostor” that pops out of it.





  2. Note: not many people know this, but tan was not an imposter. It was just a removed color.

  3. List:
    Master Bounty Hunter (Red)
    Toppat 4 Life (Green)
    Triple Threat (Brown)
    Toppat Civil Warfare (Pink)
    Capital Gains (Orange)
    Revenged (Black)
    Free Man (White)
    Jewel Baron (Purple)
    Stickmin Space Resort (Lime)
    Valiant Hero (Cyan And Impostor)
    Cleaned em' Out (Yellow And Blue)

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  6. Among us Red,Green,Brown,Pink,Orange,Black,White,Purple,Lime green,Cyan,Yellow,Blue color rainbow everyone😌

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