A Complete Guide to all Security Systems in Among Us [OUTDATED : AIRSHIP]

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A Complete Guide to all Security Systems in Among Us, in under 15 minutes!

This video is separated in four parts :
Part 1 : How the Security Systems work (Explaining the core mechanics and what is shown to the player)
Part 2 : How to best utilize the Security Systems (What to do and what not to do with them, how to use them to their full potential)
Part 3 : Crewmate Tips (Essentially like Part 2, but only for Crewmates)
Part 4 : Impostor Tips (Essentially like Part 2 and 3, but only for Impostors)

I’ve put far more effort into this video than any other (Over 3x more!), so I really hope you learned more about the Security Systems in an entertaining way!
Thanks to the 11 people who helped me record this, I really appreciate it!

Musics Used (in order) :
Hanging Out – Bruno E.
Among Us Theme
Take It Easy – Bad Snacks (For all of the Part 1 to Part 4 screens)
Lottery – Anno Domini Beats
Sunny Days – Anno Domini Beats
Silent Observer – Sarah, The Illstrumentalist


  1. I hope you both enjoyed the video and learned new things watching it!If you want a guide on another topic which you would like to improve at, reply to this comment and give me ideas!TIMESTAMPS :Part 1 – The Skeld : 0:48Cameras : 1:00Admin : 1:52 (Works the same in all maps)Part 1 – MIRA HQ : 2:45Sensors : 2:53Part 1 – Polus : 4:20Vitals : 4:31Cameras : 5:10Part 2 – The Skeld : 5:48Cameras : 5:58Admin : 6:39Part 2 – MIRA HQ : 7:53Admin : 8:01Sensors : 8:32Part 2 – Polus : 9:56Admin : 10:04Cameras : 10:15Vitals : 10:24Part 3 : 11:00Cameras : 11:06Admin : 11:30Sensors : 12:19Vitals : 12:34Part 4 : 13:06Cameras : 13:15Admin : 13:40Sensors : 14:01Vitals : 14:34End Credits : 14:40

  2. Thank you for this knowledge, sensors will be a breeze from now on. 🙂

  3. I like how the guy just vented and you simply went towards him lol

  4. That’s some useful info most people don’t know, good job 👍

  5. Hey, is it possible to play with you? Do you have a discord?

  6. Lol , I play this game for 3months but I have never noticed the cool down of sensors in Mira HQ 😂

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