All of the VISUAL TASKS on map MIRA HQ Among Us Guide

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Here is the MIRA HQ visual task video 🙂

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  1. Shooting the asteriod lights up the platform ur standing on i thats a visual task

  2. How to get 3 random pets pls pls pls

  3. Yoo reeps do you have a fix for not hearing game sound ????

  4. can u do a video getting all the seasonal hats in the new among us version ? v2020.09.1s

  5. actually the crystal one by the reactor is visual, you can see the crystals getting placed

  6. Hey there is the water plants task I think it’s visual but I’m not sure

  7. Sort samples diamond task asteroid task and watering can tasks are also visual tasks

  8. Once I saw my fellow imposter faking shields on the skeld when the lights were off

  9. The people should make a visual task for asteroids. The pointy thing will shoot. And that is how you will know. You know the top pointy thing.

  10. first results for the search: mira hq visual tasks list ——-LOL, just medbay

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