Among Us #1: A Simple Guide to Controlling the Game for Beginners

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Everyone must follow these rules to make the game fair and fun

Every friend group should start a game only after setting up some basic rules. These rules are to be followed by everyone and they might vary across groups. However, some of these rules are widely acknowledged:
– Players should refrain from talking when not voting and should, most preferably, turn off their mic
– Crewmates should play more individually, or it becomes impossible to win as an Imposter
– Argue with everyone, but always remember that it is just a game

Try to balance game dynamics through flexible game settings

There are no ‘ideal’ settings in the game, but Among Us is truly fun only when both the Crew and the Imposters have an equal chance of winning.

Recommended settings also work fine in the start, and groups can figure out their preferences with experience. Settings include discussion time, kill cooldown, vision range, and the number of tasks to be performed by the Crew.

Every setting has different effects on the game, and players will understand these effects as they continue playing. However, deciding the ratio of Imposters to Crew members is very important. Even that may vary across groups, but the standardized ratios are:
– One imposter to seven Crew members
– Two imposters to eight Crew members are fair, and the same works in a lobby of 10 players

With these settings, tips, and tricks, all beginners can enjoy the game to its fullest. With experience, the game grants enough space to try out new things and ways of playing. Maybe that is the reason behind the rise of Among Us.

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