Among Us 100 player mod(download/tutorial/guide)

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I finally found a working way for you all to have access to a 100 player mod! Please make sure to like the video and subscribe with the bell on so you are alerted of all my future videos! Also if you are looking for additional mods make sure to take a look at some of my previous uploads!

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  1. Next time please at the end show what you do instead of just explaining because I had no clue what you meant

  2. To change impostors you need to do /gameoptions impostorcount 10 (or what number you want)

  3. Whenever I create a lobby it just says I was banned for hacking

  4. hey can you make a doctor role next? and how can you combine all the roles you made in one game?

  5. Bro, when I install the Imposter server, it says you are running an older version of the game, please update to play with others. I have the latest version, and have tried on all other versions after that

  6. hey spect0rr i would like to know how do you code your mods if you could do a toturial or like how to start thats will be great thanks agin 😀

  7. Hey can you make these mods available for mobiles too
    Everyone can't be rich for buying the game get it??

  8. Hey spec. Its me again. I love your mods and really appreciate your work. Also, if I want to make a video about this, who do I credit?

  9. It's not working can u help me my name is jai in your discord server

  10. I was Searching for This Every Where, and Your the only Youtuber who Gave it out in Public, Thank You Soo Much (:

  11. everytime i try something like this it always stops at 10 so i hope this works.

  12. im using it on 2.0.1 and it wont work.
    did the commands change?

  13. Hey, cool content. We are launching the first indie / mod esports platform at the end of this month, players compete to win. Would you be interested in being one of our first players???

  14. How do you go back to normal among us? I have deleted all the files that I copy and pasted from the Among Us folder, but when I load it up and try to create a game it says "The game options received were invalid. You may need to clear all save data and restart game." Idk if you know what the problem may be but if you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks!

  15. It won't work beyond 10 players, it's maxed out there, even if it says 11+, it won't let them join. Cheep makes some other cool mods tho, so i just use those. Any way to actually get 11+ players?

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