Among Us – A Cunning Shapeshifter – Full 2 Impostors Skeld Gameplay (Shapeshifter Role!)

Dmitrey Plague
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I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually like the new Among Us update! All the roles, all the changes in the game’s design… They have actually done a decent job and left me unnaturally satisfied.
Also omg wow I have a plague doctor mask now!
I played in this public lobby that had some nice players to accompany me and I managed to successfully outsmart them after losing my partner. All hail me mwahahahaaaaaa
More Amogus videos soon. Probably.
Also when I uploaded this video it was 2 am for me so appreciate the fact I sacrifice my healthy sleep for Amogus xD


  1. Is was Snake be out in your game, But is he shapeshiff, why you don't follow snake, is was safe? Then you were win????

  2. I just had a first time playing among us at pc and i got role as shapeshifter and i got voted out tho because i got hard time using the buttons XC

  3. Imma be honest here im faster than ya 10 times also grammar be more intellegent so players can be confident with you

  4. I hate that when I finally get shapeshifter I don't get the perfect time to use it and when I finally get a perfect imposter game I disconnect 😡😡😡😡😡

  5. How you download among us laptop bro?I tried many ways but still no working bro

  6. 8:50 probably the only mistake you did…disguised yourself in front of the camera

  7. if this passes for cunning gameplay i guess i'm a genius because you were actually pretty mediocre

  8. Every match when I'm imposter I win it's so easy sometimes it takes lots of convincing

  9. i get shapeshifter, but i got bugged, so i cant kill or use vent in that round bruh

  10. 彼の内容はとてもいいです私は好きです

  11. Wow thank you for the video because it helped me be a pro imposter now

  12. 3:47 everytime i am the imposter (I FEEL SO BAD VOTING MY SECOND IMPOSTER )

  13. This is what I do when I get ss: Just go to elec, close the door. And shapeshift then I come out and kill the first person I see

  14. Not to be rude but when you shapeshifted to purple at the start you could have been easily caught. It's a hallway and anyone could have walked from weapons to cafetaria. You were lucky no one was around.

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