Among Us Acid Tsunami Mod (Download & Installation Guide)

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This is the new acid tsunami (flood) mod in Among Us and how you can download and install it very easily.

▶ Acid Mod :

This acid mod brings a very giant acid wave that kills every crewmate in it’s way and this is a guide on how to play it fairly with your friends and how to download it in a very simple tutorial

Mod is made by the talented Sub & Fletch :

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  1. How to let the imposter feel less overpowered with this acid mod?

  2. Hey Hi I suggest you to hide this video.. Because this mod was leaked by a guy and this mod as you know is of Sub and Fletch…They can copyright you… And we should or anyone shouldn't leak it anymore….

  3. Is it working in phone.. if no then please upload a video on how to download it in phone

  4. This mod does not work for me 🙁
    If there is a way, could you pls send a link to download the among us app you already have with the mod already installed??

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