Among Us Airship – Guide to Security Cams

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Quick Tutorial on how to Use the Airship Map Cameras.

Source of Map here:

On The Airship, there are six different cameras, all showing locations, never hallways or areas between them.

The left entrance to the Engine Room, showing the left door, a Fix Wiring panel, a Accept Diverted Power panel, and Fuel Engines, along with the left side of the room.
The right entrance to the Vault, showing the right door, the Ruby, the upper-right mannequins, and part of the stairs leading to the lower-right mannequins.
The left entrance to Records, showing most of the Sort Records task, including the leftmost and rightmost filing shelves, but not any of the entrances to the room.
The left entrance to Security, showing the entire room, excluding the lower entrance. Part of the hall leading to Electrical is also shown.
The left entrance to Cargo Bay, showing the left side of the room, including the left door and stairs, but not the vent or
Above the ladder in the Meeting Room, showing the left room, including Empty Garbage, the top of the ladder, and part of the middle room, including the Accept Diverted Power panel.

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  1. yo i changed my birth date in among us but i cant sign in to it so i wont be able to use keybored or change name i am sad can u help me here is my discord BuckNotfound#2520

  2. do u know how to fix it ur big brain so i think u know

  3. Gosh damn it. Give this man 6K subs already

  4. I like the editing where you show where the vent is on cams. It’s unique 🙂

  5. It’s weird that you can’t see the vent even though the camera is just like a feet away from it

  6. You give the best guides and tutorials Bait! Love them so much ♥️

  7. Admin is hands down the best tool.
    Every area except for one small corridor is recorded on admin table, so you see everything.

  8. Since this is a big map, it takes time to travel from one place to another. So strangely, it is easier to clear people who were on the other side of the map, even if you saw them 60 seconds ago. I feel the cams don't cover enough space on the map. Admin is actually very useful, you can clarify with other crew and catch the Imposters. Also, shower area is a bad place to kill, as the exits are in one corner. Vents are meh, will do. We'll have to see how it works. I like Polus more, as you can quickly check admin, vent to lab and kill someone scanning and run back. Also, the reactor vents are good for vision plays. Not enough of that here I think…

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