Among Us all Task Guide On The Polus Map – Polus Map All Task Guide

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Among Us all task guide among us all task guide on the polus map, this video is geared towards helping you on getting all your in game task done by showing you my step by step guide on how all the given task are done in game. Among Us as a total of 27 task that are located in the Polus map.

Tasks are separated into three categories: Common, Short, and Long.Short tasks require a single step or very little effort.Long tasks have multiple steps, usually requiring the player to wait a certain amount of time or move to different parts of the ship.Common tasks are given to every single Crewmate.

In Among Us, cute and squishy astronauts must complete tasks while avoiding a horrible death at the hands of an Imposter, who lurks among them. Getting to know each of the game’s three maps requires some time, and understanding how to complete each task is sometimes easier said than done. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are all the tasks you’ll encounter on The Polus Map in Among Us.

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  1. This game is so popular. I don’t normally play but is it pc, mobile, console what is it? Just in case I wanna try.

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