Among Us Darth Vader Mod v2020.12.9s | Download & Install Guide – Vader Mod like AlexAce Lightsaber

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Darth Vader Mod,sloppy gaming among us,v2020.12.9s.

——————–About the game——————–
In Among Us, Imposters lurk among the crew, picking off members of the crew one by one. Crew members must work quickly and efficiently if they want to get out alive. Understanding the ins and outs of each of the game’s three levels takes time, and learning how to complete every task is a task in itself. Don’t fret though — we’ve got you covered. Here are all the tasks you’ll encounter on Polus in Among Us.

Thumbnail inspired by egecanilli on Reddit.

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  1. do not leak thats why theres no download in any video with this mod xd

  2. can you tell how to download that mod in cersion v.30.e6

  3. i like how this version of the mod is basically the balanced version

  4. sloppy can you PLEASE teach us how to make mods for among us with custom buttoins and roles PLEASE

  5. yo sloppy how do i download mods in the new update it doesnt work

  6. Why my recommendation is faster then my notifications?

  7. I think you should do a mod where the lights are always out, but the crew mates and imposter have flashlights

  8. oh boi sloppy gaming thank u soo much for sharing this vid
    i have been waiting for this for soo llong and u have uploaded it
    u just got a new sub….. FROM ME lol

  9. Brother i love u and ur awesome.. but the thing is that u cant have these mods all at once like sockfor1 and above that there is a new update in among us so pls try to make this for 2021.1.35 .. thanku

  10. Can you do for fucking android this mod too i dont have Computer

  11. I am not able to install the mod and I have 12.9s can you help me?

  12. I feel like most of these people in the comments aren't true fans…

  13. it says you are Runing the older version there a way to fixed?

  14. Why did you delete the videos of how to make a mod yourself? Could you plsssss make new videos about that or repost it?? I would really appreciate that cuz there is NO ONE on the internet who shows how to make a ROLE mod. I hope you will make or repost the mod tutorial videos. Oh BTW my English is not that good so maybe I said something wrong lol.

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