Among us guide for first time players – Part 1

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As the title implies, this video is meant mainly for people playing for the first time


  1. My impostor Tutorial:There can be 1-3 impostors in one game. Most people prefer 2 impostors.Killing:To kill, left click or tap the “Kill” button in the lower right corner. The kill cool down varies, but it always stops when your in a vent, using the admin table or watching cams. Make sure to not do it in front of a crew, because they can report the body and vote you out. If you kill someone, they will have a kill animation and the crewmate will turn into a ghost, unable to call meetings, fix sabotages and report bodies. The ghosts have a special chat that only other ghosts can see.Venting: To vent, left click or tap the “Vent” button. This button only shows up when your on top of a vent. Venting can be an easy way for the impostor to travel around the map. If your not near a vent, the button will say “Sabotage” and similar when your at the admin table and security.Sabotaging:To sabotage, left click or tap the sabotage button. Like the vents, it won’t show up near security footage, admin table or near a vent. There are 4 sabotages: Lights, Reactor, Oxygen and communications. You cannot call emergency meetings while a sabotage is in place.Lights:Lights make the crew vision smaller. This will depend on how far the crew can see (for example 3x vision can make the crew vision very big when lights off). Impostors can see when lights off, no matter the vision. To fix this, flick all the switches up.Reactor:Reactor requires 2 people to fix. You have to do the top and bottom and hold the handprint. This has a countdown of 40 seconds. If the crew doesn’t finish it in time, the impostors win. If a body is reported, the sabotage will stop.Oxygen: Like reactor, it has a countdown, but this countdown is 60 seconds. It doesn’t require 2 people, but you need to enter in a code to fix the oxygen. The places to fix oxygen are in O2 and Admin. If a body is reported, the sabotage will stop.Communications:This sabotage, (like lights) doesn’t have a countdown. It can be fixed easily by turning the knob to an area where graph 1 matches graph 2. This disables admin, security and the task bar.Reporting, meetings and self reporting:Impostors can kill someone and a crew can report the body. If they do, it sends everyone into a meeting where you can vote people out or skip. The same happens with meetings, but the body(s) aren’t going to be reported, but still sends you to the same screen. Self reporting is like reporting, but the impostor does it. For example, say the impostor killed someone and immediately reported it. This is a self report.Impostor Win:Impostors can win when too many crewmates are killed or if a sabotage timer runs down.Impostor defeat:Impostors can lose if they are all ejected, they leave or if crewmates finish tasks.

  2. Every Visual task in among us:

    Storage: Empty Garbage (2/2)
    Medbay: Submit scan
    Shields: Prime shields [1st only]
    Weapons: Clear Asteroids (xx/20)

    Mira HQ:
    Medbay: Submit Scan

    Medbay: Submit scan
    Weapons: Clear Asteroids (xx/20)

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