Among Us guide for first time players – Part 2

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I recommend watching part 1 first. There will be more parts covering The Skeld, MiraHQ, and Polus, as well as Airship when it comes out.


  1. “It’s like this circle thing like on roblox”It’s called a thumb stick

  2. My crewmate tutorial

    You have a set of tasks depending on how much you set. You are given a random task every game depending on how much there is. If the whole crew completes all their tasks, crew wins. You can tell how much tasks everyone did because of the task bar above your screen, that can be turned off before games.

    Types of tasks:
    There are short tasks that are short and can be done easily, common tasks that everyone has and long tasks that take a fairly long time.

    Visual tasks are tasks that other players can see. The visual tasks include scanning, asteroids, trash (2/2) and shields (1st time).

    Meetings can be called by pressing the emergency button or finding a body. If your in a meeting, you have a certain amount of time to discuss before you can vote. This can be altered in the lobby. You can vote or skip during meetings. If someone gets voted off, you can see if they are the impostor or not. Again, this can be changed in lobbies.

    Crew can win if all tasks are done or if they eject all impostors.

    Crew can lose if the impostor kills too much people, or if too much crewmates are ejected.

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