Among Us – How To Install Las Monjas Mod (Guide)

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How to install Las Monjas mod for Among As ( and other mods)

Las Monjas is a Spanish mod (translated to English) for Among Us.
This mod features the following:
40 roles
13 modifiers
1 custom map
4 custom gamemodes
4 new colors
Custom Music
Custom Lobby
Custom Hats
more details here –

*download link updated to latest 1.4.0
download the mod here (pc only) –

download winrar here (free download) –

Any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

this is a mod for among us to have fun with friends in a private lobby, playing in a public lobby with this mode may get you kicked from the lobby as they may think you are cheating, this is not a hack or mod menu, this is just a mod for extra roles and custom hats
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  1. You should update this guide, Las Monjas is already on 3.3.0 with Submerged support again!

  2. ik this video is old but does this mod have a discord server?

  3. U know what Ozzy I think of this mod of Town Of Us I'll just say thx u even tho I can't play it ill play in the feature 🤗

  4. ozzy i haven't seen you in a long time man. How you doin 😀

  5. help me please! i did exactly what you did and i cant host a game and i cant join anywhere
    and i dont understand why is that

  6. Where we can download for phone? Or this game mode don't have to the phone?

  7. I have black screen after innersloth logo,what to do?

  8. Well, i did all the steps, but when the game starts, after the Innersloth logo there is a never ending black screen.

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