Among Us: How to Play as Impostor / Quick Impostor Guide for Beginners

Adobo C Ken Gaming
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Compiled in this video are the basics and simple guides for playing as an Impostor

How to Spot Real vs. Fake Tasks

Disclaimer: I Do not own the music and sounds used in this video

Elevator Music – Vanoss Gaming Background Music

Bravely Default – Flying Fairy OST – 17 Infiltrating Hostile Territory

Pokemon- Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky- Temporal Tower- Music


  1. 4:00 Ok, do NOT stand in the middle of a fucking hallway, outside a VERY BUSY room, and sabotage.

  2. Third comments 🙂 also I think accusing someone is a bad idea because after you vote him/her out some players will get suspicious of you

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