Among Us Impostor Full Guide – Mechanics, Types of Kills, Sabotage Decisions

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This is my first serious among us guide with general information for those playing as the impostor role. Feel free to leave feedback in the comments!

Intro: (0:00)
Game Basics: (0:18)
Impostor Mechanics: (0:51)
Types of Sabotage: (2:15)
Types of Kills: (4:13)
Ending: (7:19)

Future map specific guides and crewmate guides coming soon!
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  1. Coms sabotage is situation, but a lot better than you think. For some reason the game has a lot of players who don't understand how to turn the dial, meaning the emergency button can be disabled for quite some time. As a ghost I once saw 7 coms sabotage in a game and Red, White, and Yellow all took 35 seconds to fix it despite the fact that Blue was able to fix it in 5 seconds. Adding on the time it took for someone to go there and this means if you've been caught faking a short task (where the bar should go up), you can shut down the button for quite some time since a lot of people don't understand how to fix it. On the flip side, anyone who doesn't know how to fix it probably doesn't understand the task bar so disabling that probably hinders them less. Another good use is to shut it down when 2 people are walking by a camera. A paranoid crewmate will sometimes run away from the other and later claim the guy with him was trying to kill the cameras for an easy kill. Another good use of coms sabotage is if you want to self report your first kill for some reason. I wouldn't suggest self reporting when you can get 2 kills before the first body is discovered, but if you insist on doing that, it likely means you won't be caught. Another way to throw the suspicion off a self report is to immediately accuse someone else, but this has a very obvious downside.

  2. I lOve this tutorial like do little views but so good this deserves a sub

  3. Yo your awesome thanks for the tips keep posting you are great but theres only one thing I have to ask will you remember me when your famous on youtube I will support you every day your one of my favorites

  4. I wonder if can use a crew mates task screen as a blindfold for ur vent kill
    Like if ur in electrical in the corner if ur coin a task u can't see vent so if there r to an the imposter is in security then u can vent kill an won't be seen but VERY RISKY.
    The (verified) crew mates (watched each other med bay scan an weapons ) will see two go in an one come out an other dead

  5. That|s how to reallz teach what can be done, thanks for that

  6. dude you are so underrated i wish you had more subs

  7. The light and comms is good for end game since its good for risky stack kills.

  8. another tip: if someone sees you vent, quickly sabotage O2 or reactor since they take a minute to fix so they cannot call an emergency meeting. then kill them if you can.

  9. Came here from Discord, this is a great guide! Dropped a sub!

  10. Some Important notes to add:

    In Skeld, Doors are fixed when an Emergency Meeting is called or when a body is reported.

    In Polus, Doors cannot be fixed even when a body is reported or when an Emergency Meeting is called. The crewmates need to fix them manually.

    There are no doors in Mira HQ, which brings us to the next important note:
    – Doors are replaced with sensors and a log located in communication room which records crewmates who have passed these sensors. Sabotaging communications will delete the log's history. This is why this form of sabotage is strong in this map.

    Another important note is that Lights is a very risky sabotage to do during late game. Most often Imposters would sabotage Reactor in order to win the game. But if you called Lights before that, and if your sabotage is in Cd, you won't be able to sabotage Reactor. If the other crewmate is fast enough in fixing the lights, the other one can simply camp the emergency button, press it and possibly save the game.

  11. Sabotage ending:

    Oxygen (O2): depleted
    Reactor: explodes
    Lights: nothing
    Comms: nothing

  12. Wow, this is some juicy guide indeed and much work for a free video!

  13. Total newb here. The sabotage interface was really confusing to me. I thought the imposter needed to go to a given room to perform a sabotage. I didn’t know that you just need to select it on the map (basically, you perform sabotage by telepathy). The in-game guide is terribly not helpful about this.

  14. I think comms sabotage stops crewmates from doing tasks
    Edit: I just searched this up and decided to comment this
    Also I didn't watch the entire video so if you covered this sorry for wasting time

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