“Among Us” Player’s Guide!

Toon Desk
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  1. No… I’d like to thank you for giving me something to watch

  2. “Built-in poster” IT’S A MAGAZINE HOW CAN IT BE BUILT-IN

    Edit: I wasn’t talking about a poster being in the magazine I was talking about him using “built-in” incorrectly which I’ve noticed him do a couple of times please shut up

  3. Bruh among us is one of the simplest games ever and people made a manual to it.

  4. Why pay money on this while you can just watch a guide on YouTube for free

  5. My man, do you realize that people have google

  6. How to get this for free!

    Go onto the rules in the game

  7. I don't even think I need to explain the uselessness of this book, nor does anyone else. This is so pointless in fact, that this makes reading the entirety of the bible in a day fun.

  8. “Why would you need a paper guide to Among Us?!”

    If it’s a game you really love… Why not? I’ve collected all sorts of physical media from games I love, including posters, statues, and even game guides. It’s not necessarily because I need the tips, but rather because each guide comes with tons of really nice and well done artwork.

  9. wow another episodes of wtf!
    god i hate youtube algorithm!

  10. He sounds like a kid on Christmas explaining what he got as he opens it when his mom asks what it is

  11. This book has the same amount of usefulness as a shampoo guide

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