An Egg’s Guide to Minecraft – PART 1 – What’s Minecraft?

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Jason finds himself in the strange world of Minecraft and meets some of the local wildlife

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  1. I pull this video up with my friend and now we are binging it

  2. I was gonna say that since Jason called the pig George it may look like George from Peppa Pig

  3. This series was my childhood. Coming back to rewatching it before life becomes too complicated

  4. Element Animation Please Do Terraria: The Animated Series Episode 12‐20

  5. damn i remember this. especislly the one wall scene 😂

  6. Damn I remember watching this in my bed when I was young so much nostalgia

  7. Ahhh. Ignorance is bliss. I wish I was 7 years old again.

  8. This is the most educational Minecraft series of All Time.

  9. And thus began their history of being a Minecraft animation channel

  10. HAHAHA! I loved when Jason (the talking egg😂) said he needs to build, it reminded me of BREAKING BAD! HAHAHA! WE NEED TO COOK! 😭😭

  11. I remeber there being a crack episode before this that explained how jason got stuck in minecraft. He was in the internet somehow and walked into a buidling that said minecraft, then he ended up here. Does anyone else remeber that video? Or am I going insane.

  12. 1:05 PM I am going to copy this exact cave design for my world because I'm such a silly li'l guy.

  13. why do i have the urge to do a yt to mp3 on this set of videos

  14. bro i remember watching this and waiting for every episode it felt like forever bro no way that was 11 years ago

  15. can't believe i was only 11 when I first watched this. I'm 21 now.

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