Beginner’s Guide: How to Play Among Us | Imposter Game

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Simple beginner’s guide to understanding what Among Us is and how to play! I commentate rules and recommendations over an imposter game I played while I was live streaming. The focus of this video is on the role of imposter and how to win in this role.


Pronouns: she/her/hers


  1. Mae, I feel like we accused you of being the imposter when you weren't so many times that when you actually were the impostor nobody thought you were!

  2. wow the way that Peppers 🌶 guys got voted out right at the start for literally nothing! damn

  3. I trusted you 😭, lol I will forever be suspect of people following me now

  4. again i am here posting a non-bot comment but still sounding bot-ish. happy birthday Mae. another good video, bot yes bot

  5. I would comment, but that sounds like something an impostor would do.

  6. Dilemma: How can a bot be an imposter? Asking for a friend

  7. Imposter games. Hmn. Always a fun one when you give input!

  8. TIP: choose the skin color black or whtie then when someone wrongly acuses u or says they saw u say"RASITST" 100%

  9. Watched till 5 minute.. learnt nothing.. thx for clickbait

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