Best Super Guide – The Wolf Among Us

Jim Sterling
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The world’s most skilled gamer tells YOU how to make the best choices in TellTale’s hot adventure.

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  1. Silence is a valid option, bloody hell it is. Distracting from your flappy bird how dare Bigby.

  2. YES! Finally my PS4 downloaded the update! Great guide Jim! What game is it?

  3. Help us with Rogue Legacy, it's a difficult game and we'd like your advices!
    Thank god for you!

  4. Ha ha…it's funny because he's playing a popular I-Pod game?
    Yeah this is not funny. It's just one joke and it's pretty lazy.

  5. My version of TWAU doesn't have this awesome soundtrack for some reason? I tried reinstalling it, and then reinstalling windows but still the same. I don't know what to do, and I don't want to miss out on the full experience! Help pls?

  6. Although I don't mind you're let's play videos, I feel like these are the types of videos you really shine in Jim. Good job and thank god for you.

  7. come on dude at least try to act like you care. If his is you caring then its SHITE! i like this game you really turned me off to the whole thing. i know your job is a Joke but…

  8. I wonder if the Dislikes on this video are from people who clicked on this thinking it would be an actual guide, and were so pissed off at the fact that it wasn't they just went, and disliked it without watching the rest of it. 

  9. Ahh the Flappy Bird choice. Well played Jim, you got literally the BEST ending 😀

  10. This isn't a super guide for The Wolf Among Us, it's a guide for flappy bird. Step 1: Woosh, woosh, woosh. Step 2: Woosh the right amount of times to ding. Step 3: Repeat ste-FUCK.

  11. Playing two games at once is not something a new gamers should do, unless you are the great Jim Sterling.

  12. Best guide.
    I've got my game paused right where you left off and I eagerly await your next video so I may continue.

  13. Listen, for those in the audience who don't get the joke, it's simply that [REDACTED]. There, that was easy, now, wasn't it?

    See? A joke's not funny if you have to explain it.

  14. This guide is too super for me. That fucking noise. +_+

  15. So far there are 62 people who didn't get what Jim was doing

  16. I usually love your work Jim but since my ears are still ringing not this time 🙁

  17. I don't know how anybody can keep playing Flappy Bird for more than one go. It's basically a glorified shit flashgame from Newgrounds. At least Angry Birds requires a modicum of thought and planning, but Flappy Bird is simply slamming your finger onto a tiny screen to make a bird fly

  18. I loooove your guide,even if i don't know what a videogame is or what the word quality entertainment is,but i'm your fan no. 1! and i will watch your 666 10 min long videos of you acomplishing nothing we're BROS! bro! =D

    (yeah, it make me laught, good one sir)

  19. I guess the irony is that Flappy Bird has more gameplay than Waffleamongus ever will.

  20. Look at you go Jim! Multitasking two games, now that's a skilled gamer lol!

  21. Jim I hate to be a spoil sport…but your instructions were unclear.
    I accidentally bought a pool.

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