FAKE Among Us LIVE Streams NEED TO STOP! – Commentary Guide

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We are back with another Among Us Video and today we are taking a little bit of a more serious tone and discussing the FAKE Among Us LIVE with Viewers Streams that are currently plaguing YouTube, as well as just fake live streams in general. YouTube has really been dragging their feet in BANNING these fake streams and they continue to break the YouTube terms of service every single day while also SCAMMING CHILDREN and HURTING REAL STREAMERS. So, because YouTube won’t, I’ve taken it upon myself to educate you on these fake content creators and EXPOSE them to, hopefully, force YouTube to take action and improve the community for all of us.

Anyway, hopefully this helps you or at the very least you find this interesting! Make sure to report fake streams wherever you find them and hopefully they will be banned soon!

And remember, if you are looking for a REAL STREAM, I stream on YouTube WF and Sunday from 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM PT, so feel free to stop by when I’m live. Hope to see you there!

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  1. Double letsnot?!?! You could be the first person to stream the same real stream twice!

  2. Typically these fake streamers don't legitimately have 100k subscribers. They either bot those subscribers (as well as views) or they have hacked a legitimate channel and rebranded it and have started doing these live streams. I believe these people also either pay people or have bots to spoof the chat as well(although the roblox one is probably tons of little kids). Another sign of a fake streamer is hiding likes/dislikes on their stream.

  3. Ok something isn't right…u said ur start streaming at 8:00pm but ur not starting at 8:00pm we need a deal…deal is ur going to the streams at 10:30am alright..deal?

  4. only stream I like I told my friend to sub my first fake stream I saw was Doal and then I thought lots of streams were fake, I'm pretty sure I saw 1 of your vids in recommended it was the nintendo switch airship one I can't remember which though, I thought your streams were fake but they were real

  5. This makes me so upset. They have over 100k after doing nothing but scam kids. Meanwhile u and a bunch of other streamers who interact with the community and are just generally good people have way less.

  6. Doal seems to be the main target.
    I mean, I watch chary just for the stories lol

  7. Yea I saw a fake Among Us stream and kids just eat that kind of stuff up :l

  8. Thank you for someone finally saying something about this

  9. I can’t believe how many people fall for this that it is so sad 🙁

  10. I know chary , and are lies . And I love ur channel letsnot more

  11. These roblox scammers goal (most)… these duds will try and get ur account by usin some sort o’ hack. Why? They try and get ur robux that there account owner payed for in which they get free robux while doin this (maybe 2 hacks for both the robux and the account entry)

    Also share the manz video, this outa stop

  12. Let's not I know this is off topic but I just found out that with the help of sysbot you can now set orignal trainer name of pokemon so basically they are undectable now cause computer gets thier information right

    AND YA THEY NEED TO STOP, although I do watch Chary, I JUST LOVE THE STORIES OK!

  14. Lets if the fake stream says "give money for a pet bundle" or "give money to reveal the code" thats just a SCAM

  15. Why is it even possible for a channel to run 2 live streams at the same time lmao

  16. I almost fell for one, it asked me to download an app
    Then Malwarebytes was like
    Oh god damnit you little b-

  17. The free vbucks are Rick astley never gonna giv u up

  18. Don't worry
    I allways find out witch stream is fake and witch is not by spamming the N word in the chat

  19. Also Tom is a fake streamer that's live right now says the same thing over and over. Only two people typing and never responded to my post

  20. I feel lucky that I was never into watching YouTube videos before I started watching you. You literally were my first streamer I actually watch.

  21. Chary does Fake Story telling, and REAL Story telling. Plus, Chary's intro always saying: "What is up everybody"
    (Which is strange…)
    I dislike him, it's just strange…

  22. Finally someone mentioned Doal because hes really like, in his among us streams it took hours and hours before the game starts and when I see players join I just think that its Bot Accounts or his friends but I watch Chary a little bit just for funny stories lol xD

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