“God Among Us” Agartha Chaldea Boss Guide 6: Demon God Pillar … again| (CG)

Chaldea Gurus
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For the final battle, it’s! ….. not again …. Another stupid demon pillar.


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  1. Wish I knew about the guts when I fought him.

  2. Yunosuke: Have you try using fire on it, its work once… But for some reason it didn't work for the other, wonder why.

    EMIYA: because the first it happen we almost sink and we didn't allowed you to use any fire mage craft for the longest time.

    Yunosuke: Oh yea… Good times.

  3. Thanks for the advice musaki. But I’m going to tackle this fight when I get a Jeanne Alter and Merlin. Speaking of Merlin I’ve been saving 425 free SQ and 60 summon tickets for him. Come to me Merlin. I NEED YOU FOR THE LOSTBELTS.

  4. i am seriously tired of the demon pillars at this point -i am happy to know they won't be back -except the re run of the ccc event. Overall ya their not that tough and its a stall on the last one -though the trick is really trying to time it so you get the hp down to almost nothing right before the guts goes away so it dies quick-i overshot it once while doing this. Overall good guide but i do hope to see more story in the last 2 EOR boss guides.

  5. I used satans second brother twice removed angra to beat this thing with his bond 10 ce. Was fun but im not good with angra.

  6. I just used double Merlin and melt to beat it since my Jalter was bond 10

  7. I use Edmond for my Avenger support against him and I defeat it along with Cú Chulainn, Caster Gilgamesh, Enkidu, Mashu and Emiya~

  8. I would like to give options, but had to take this battle seriously, still don't remember who accompanied Waver and support Jalter.

  9. Great now all we got to do is wait for Shamosa, aka Camelot 2.0.

  10. Is it October yet? Screw Youtube for suspending you guys…..

  11. asterisk on that happily ever after if you consider all the permanant loss and suffering afterwards, but we did the best we could.

  12. Another fragment gone, another Happy Ending seen, still there is battle on the horizen…
    Moriarty: When it is found, onward to the next rival to outwit. Fwahahaha!
    Berserker: Shut up, you damn loudmouth!
    Easy Berserker, save that fury for our enemy.
    Caster: To think our meeting had a rocky start.
    It's fine Caster, however James she is right… I don't have an ally ready for next time, so we might be flying blind. Hopefully I can find one soon, a clash of blades will here sooner than we think.

  13. "Huh.. music from Under Night Inbirth, Good thing my Hyde outfit came in… Now its time to slash through the Eternal Night!"

    Mordred: wearing a Linne outfit Here we go again… welp, time to kill a demon..

    Kintoki: wearing a Gordeau outfit Lookin good while kicking ass, and we got somebody new to join in our fun

    Helena: wearing a Chaos outfit Heheheh.. Its fun to cosplay!

  14. Demon pillar: King trait defence.
    Ozymandias: hold my beer
    One shots it anyways.

  15. As a master of stalling…. I can say that this piece of shit is almost impossible to out-stall.

    You're really better off DPSing the hell out out of him.

    That said, beating him with Kiara is SOOOOOO satisfying.

  16. I love throwing my LV100 Gorgon at large enemies it's like seeing kaijus fighting and I am sitting at the sides with Mashu and Hans eating popcorn.

  17. I don't know why you hate fighting demon pillars but personally love Slaying them.

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