[GW2] A Fungus Among Us – GUIDE for Gold v2

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This is a guide for how to get Gold in the A Fungus Among Us Adventure, which includes on-screen tips and tricks.

v2: Updated with better tips, video timing, and some background music for paused screens. This is mostly just me experimenting with my NLE software and YouTube Copyright Claims. Also I forgot to mention the thing about Speed Mushrooms and water immunity again LOL.

“Intro” – The XX

Full Adventure Guide:


  1. 7 years later and this guide helped me achieve Gold in this adventure. Thank you!

  2. its BS how gold actually requires what amounts to exploits and bypassing half the course

  3. That was great. I watched this video and got it the first time watching it. I was practicing a while before though hah.

  4. rly someone need guides like this? i did it first time after get info how work 2

  5. Got gold in about half and hour. Thanks for the help!

  6. thank you for the explanation, really makes it doable on this challenge!

  7. this is fucking infuritating. who teh fuck designs something this fucking dumb

  8. Me at first: Theres no way this is fair lol
    Watched your video
    Got Gold first try haha too bad it was on my girlfriends account .-. Ima go do it on mine now

  9. This would be so cool to me if the mastery points weren't hidden behind it. As a side attraction challenge, I'd like it. Instead, I'm only going at it grudgingly for mastery points. Sigh…

  10. Verrrry GOOD guide! Thanks so much, this was mad useful.

    Funny you missed that jump xP

  11. hi
    your adventure guilds are great! thank you. i am working on my mastery points, i have around 110 of them. yet so far to go. i completely suck at jumping, and i am not fast, i just am not. what adventures do you think would be easiest for me? thank you, Izzzy Iziz

  12. Tryied for 30 mins and failed everytime, then watch your guide and made it gold on the 3rd try thanks a lot !!!

  13. a ton of this is muscle memory and just trial and error and error and error untill you just suffer through it.

  14. after nearly 2 years and having barely got silver looong ago, you video gave me gold in a few tries ! tyvm

  15. Thanks for the explanations and editing, helped me to finally realize how to get gold 😛

  16. Thank you for making this guide. Couldn't have done it without it.

  17. thanks dude, with your help i made gold even without the speedboost shrooms!

  18. Your first jump is 5 times the length that the 2 skill gives, haxx! Have they nerfed this?

  19. THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Absolutly FUCK this challange! the WORST things in GW2 are platform based gameplay

  20. I've watched multiple guides on this adventure, in preparation for making HOPE (one of the collection items requires you to get silver or better), and I managed to finally get silver with minimal self-loathing! I don't think I'll be trying for gold, but these shortcuts helped tons. <3

  21. thx a lot, finally got gold and reached the top of the leaderboard in my server

  22. Helped a lot. The pauses really emphasize the crucial points to master and after a few tries I went from bronze to gold. How a guide should be done.

  23. I have an issue where my two does nothing. On the first jump I land and just sit there upside down

  24. One of the most helpful adventure vids I've seen. The explanations and pointing out the skills used is very helpful! Thank you! I'm subbing!

  25. Thank you for making this video. It helped me to finally get Gold after trying forever (since HoT release). For everyone else, if you are struggling to make the long jump onto the small slippery branch, skip that and do it the normal way, if you did everything okay before and you get the last (huge) skip right before the finish, you will probably still get gold (1:20:XX ish for me).

  26. Almost broke my mouse in a rage, those jumps are just infuriating! With your shortcuts though should make it super easy.

  27. i don't know how you do it but i can not get past the water ever water pool slows me down seems bugged if ask me just standing there trying over and over nope allways slow down…

  28. I've been avoiding this adventure for years, but with your help, I finally got gold! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!

  29. Thank you so much for this video. Now I can finally build HOPE 🙂

  30. Really well put together instructional video! The pivot points you illustrate and freeze the action, and it's especially important on this adventure! A really big help!

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