HARLEY QUINN Beginner’s Guide – Injustice: Gods Among Us – All You Need To Know!

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A quick Beginner’s Guide that tells you all you need to know and doesn’t waste your time! Harley Quinn many has great mix-ups making her extremely unpredictable. This tutorial will cover every special move, their meter burns, the most useful attack strings, and some basic Bread & Butter combos (mid-screen and corner)!


Xbox 360
1 = X
2 = Y
3 = A
4 = B (character trait)

1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = X
4 = Circle (character trait)

f = forward
b = back
d = down
u = up
qcf / qcb = quarter circle forward/back
hcf / hcb = half circle forward/back


  1. Yay, Harley Quinn! I was looking forward to this one. I can't wait to get Injustice. 😀

  2. Loving these guides. Once you get to Joker, I'll be more than happy! lol

  3. @TrueUnderDawgGaming Could you please post a beginner's guide for Joker?

  4. Thank you so much for this guide! Now to study study study! lol

  5. Thank you for the Bane guide earlier, it helped me a lot. Now..Joker and Sinestro please! =D

  6. They're both already up on my channel 😉 Check them out and enjoy!

  7. Oh, I just realized, have you tried making combos with environment attacks in them? Or would those be in the advanced guides coming?

  8. I don't do those in the Beginner's Guides because they're very conditional. I wanted to show combos that work anywhere and on any level. Plus, some players de-acitvate them online.

  9. sometimes (like when Harley was near the dumpster) my finger almost itches and i say PRESS IT, PRESS IT. use the dumpster 😛

  10. I know! It's really humbling lol. I'm very thankful 😉

  11. How did you get that outfit for harley. Please let me know

  12. You unlock it with a key that you get by leveling up. When you select it, press the start button instead of A or X and you get the secondary color which looks awesome 😉

  13. Joker Beginner's Guide is finally up! Enjoy 😉

  14. Catwoman is already up 😉
    I'm currently working on the others

  15. Killer Frost Beginner's Guide is up! Enjoy 😉

  16. It's sad how these guys have amazing looking combos.. yet all we see online is Guns and lazors.

  17. In time, people will learn to play the game properly. We just have to have faith!

  18. Green Arrow Beginner's Guide is finally up! Enjoy 😉

  19. Green Arrow Beginner's Guide is finally up! Enjoy 😉

  20. Great video. One question: When I use harley and do her tantrum stance it seems that more than 1/2 of the time I immediately do a roll forward, or backwards instead of one of the three attacks. I make sure i'm not hitting a direction on the fight stick, so I don't think it's that. Am I hitting 1, 2, or 3 too early? I'm sure it's probably something simple.

  21. It's just one of the many issues with using her online. When you input her Tantrum Stance the game reads your qcb as a direction. The fact that you can roll out of it at all is a bit absurd to me and all it does is seem to cause problems for people. That's all it is though. The game's fault really. She's very hard to use online for this very reason :/

  22. How did you get the hair red? (I thought that the hair is blond while using the Insurgency Skin)

  23. Press start when selecting the Insurgency skin. That's how you do the alternate colors for every skin. Some look really cool.

  24. Thanks for subscribing 😉
    I've done every character in the game actually 😉

  25. damn i was hoping to see the annotations in the description

  26. No sorry 🙁
    That's a pretty good idea though.

  27. It's the Insurgency skin, but you press start when selecting it for the secondary color. Which looks way cooler 😉

  28. I think i'll use Harley just to troll people online for her odd and hilarious mix ups. xD

  29. do the down back like normal (quarter circle back). Then lift up your thumb and press forward (don't slide your thumb from back to forward). That seems to help everyone who asks that question and it's the same technique that I use.

  30. Okay I hate this about his videos at the end he sais let's put them together for advance combos but were are they ????????

  31. Here's a good combo:
    jump,2 ( optionally ) b2,2 db3,1 jump,2 2,u3 Super Move jump,3 db1

  32. Hey Underdawg I can't do back 22 into her db3 could you give me some advice please thank you. Btw love you vids keep it up

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