How to Get Among Us Crewmate Back Bling & Distraction Dance Emote in Fortnite (Easy Guide)

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How to Get Among Us Crewmate Back Bling & Distraction Dance Emote in Fortnite (Easy Guide)

What’s up guys in this Fortnite battle royale video I’m gonna be showing you guys Fortnite in Fortnite battle royale for Battle royale and Among is Us and Among us is Fortnite among us for Among us Fortnite and Among us Fortnite items is Among us Fortnite rewards and Among us Fortnite cosmetics is Among us emote and Fortnite among us emote and Among us Fortnite emote is Among us back bling is Fortnite among us back bling and Fortnite x among us is Distraction dance Fortnite and Fortnite distraction emote is Crewmate back bling for Fortnite crewmate back bling and How to get among us emote which is honestly amazing. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this video!

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  1. I have $2 in PayPal right now so I will try purchasing just the star pack then refunding it lol 😂 thank you for the tips
    Epic: PrettyRecklesDes

  2. if you refund it the items are removed from your account. i don't know about it with the stars but for the game, you HAVE to keep it.

  3. I had among us but uninstalled it bc of the updates and i got back but i didnt got anything,why?

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