How to play Among us (Guide)

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No need to spoil to much, just enough info so you all have fun
@Troy where u at

Free Download/How to get the game 0:25
Whats on the menu 0:45
Create game 1:10
Game settings Explained 1:42
Freeplay/Game Explanation (Crewmate) 4:20
Imposter 5:40
Sabotages and Light fix 7:21
Imposter Sabotage map 8:00
Comms/Fix and Cams 9:21
DoorLog 11:00
Admin Panel 11:38
Polls Vitals And Cams 12:12


  1. We like these boys the legendary guide from my son Prince

  2. Ayy about time, a guide on a game thats been out for years 🙂

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