I didn’t know my 10 y/o Nephew got BETTER THAN ME | drawing Among Us

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My 10 y/o Nephew is actually better than me :O

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  1. He is talented he is so good but the fact I'm 14 and this kid is 10 and I am not even close to be like him

  2. Dont be fake. You know that your nephew wasn't gonna win. I dont say he paints bad, I say is something different

  3. At 10 years old, not even a straight line, This child coloring with shades

  4. He's probably going to grow up to be an artist someday.

  5. That is amazing for a ten year old I would not be able to draw like that ever

  6. Your nephews art is so cool and I bet yours is cool as your nephews

  7. you should do half crewmate half imposter

  8. yo that kids drawing is ass tear it into a meat shredder

  9. Can you make a video that your ten year old nephew and you have to draw a spongebob half you and half your nephew in one video pleeeeeease😊

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