Injustice: Gods Among Us – All Mini Games – Mini-Master Achievement Trophy Guide

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Achievement trophy guide for Mini-Master for winning all mini games in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

If you missed anything the first time through, you can use chapter select to skip to any minigame. These are the chapters and fights they appear in:

0:00 CHAPTER 01: BATMAN – VS Lex Luthor
0:52 CHAPTER 02: GREEN LANTERN – VS Sinestro
1:55 CHAPTER 04: THE JOKER – VS Nightwing
3:13 CHAPTER 05: GREEN ARROW – VS Solomon Grundy
4:25 CHAPTER 08: BATMAN – VS Green Arrow
6:07 CHAPTER 12: SUPERMAN – VS Black Adam

If you lose a mini game, you can quit to menu, and go back to story to try again. If you have any trouble during any mini game, you can pause and unpause the game as much as you want to see all the buttons.

If you’re using chapter select, you can quit to menu as soon as the actual fight starts and your minigame progress will be saved.


  1. Thanks this worked it's what I need and it unlocked!
    Thanks for the video Cake.

  2. No, you can quit to menu as soon as the fight starts.

  3. if you find it difficult.. ex the joker is really fast combo… just press start (pause) everytime you want to lean or see what is coming…. its such an easy achievement…

  4. I am mashing those buttons on Wonder Woman vs Bane and he still shoots me every freaking time. What am I doing wrong?

    Edit: I did it…I had to actually slide on the buttons with my knuckle to do it… My fingers hurt like hell now

  5. Fuck me. I was trying to do the Green Arrow VS Solomon Grundy part without missing an arrow. How dumb of me. You know what? Fuck it. Gonna try without missing an arrow. Challenge accepted;

  6. Thanks on my PS3 it said I achieved it very helpful I subscribed!

  7. Как за чудо женщину пройти?

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