Injustice: Gods Among Us – Aquaman Guide

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Week 1 Guide for Aquaman. This video is similiar to my SSF4 Guides with the Navigation UI aswell as all on screen notations. Hope it’s helpful.

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  1. great video. How do you use Aquaman Trident to pull a guy down in the air? ( During a combo I believe)I seen it but can't do it

  2. Hey KingBlackToof, i wanna ask a question: what is the better combo starter for Aquaman generally? back 1,2 or 2,2? i have a hard struggle using back 1,2 in online matches 🙂 bur Tom Brady used this starter only.

  3. Awesome guide dude hope you can do more not just injustice keep up the good work coz I always learn lots of good stuff from you

  4. Very nice, as always.

    You may have referred to Aquaman's Super as an Ultra about 5 and a half minutes in. Other than that, everything was spot on.

    Are you sure that they "hit on +1 of their startup frame"? Because traditionally the last startup frame is the first active frame, I believe. Maybe it's just Injustice being awkward, or me being completely wrong.

  5. Wouldn't the best way to check be to perform a 1 frame link combo? I'm not sure how easy those are to come by, in Injustice.

    Maybe it's just the block advantage that's dodgy, but I kind of doubt it.

  6. Get out your giant magnifying glass.

    Maybe it's just block advantage that's wrong, try a link if you can find one.

    I'd do it myself if I had the game.

  7. Like Mortal Kombat :/.I know what you mean.

    Something's definitely wrong with either start-up, block advantage or both.

    I suggested you try a link because Block advantage seems more likely to be the culprit (You said Aquaman's super felt safer than the frame data dictated).

    Ideally you'd want something of Lex's that's +6 on hit so you could test a link, but I guess that isn't possible.

  8. Nice video thanks. Max damage I have been able to do in a combo is 50% cost three bars so not really worth it.

    JF 2, 2,2, BB EX, JF 3, 2,2, DB 2 EX, 2,2, DB1, F3, 1+3

  9. Thanks for the quick answer. This is a great Guide 🙂 learned a lot

  10. Great vid. Aqua is my main and I learned a few brand new things too, like I didnt know jump in Heavy was combo-able. Also he is safer than I thought too

  11. Yeah sorry I meant the >. I wrote that wrong sorry I'm terrible at typing on the Iphone. Thanks for clearing that up.

  12. at full meter 2,2,qcb+R2,fj3,2,2,qcb+1,2,2,qcb+2(meterburn),f+2,2+1 is my favorite combo. 52% without super.

  13. this is such a well organized and well explained video. good job.

  14. from the strengths and weaknesses, he is like Bison of Injustice, except he does high damage and has good anti air

  15. Any tips on the 22>DF1 after the scoop? Timing is very finicky, having trouble with it.

  16. Just wanted to let you know even though the video is so old and the game's dated, it still was a lot of help. I just got into injustice, and this video has improved my game play quite dramatically. So thank you. Cant wait to buy injustice 2!

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