Injustice Gods Among Us Character Guide Batgirl – Batgirl Combos

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This is a beginner/intermediate guide for how to play as Batgirl in Injustice Gods Among Us

Batgirl Beginner Combos
Batgirl Intermediate Combos
How to Use Batgirl
Batgirl Guide
Batgirl Combos
Batgirl How To
How to Play Batgirl

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  1. When I do the no joke and double down I can't do the next step without the person fallin flat fast It's like he doesn't go high enough when I do no joke

  2. the electric fists make her do more chip damage with punching attacks. Chip damage is when the enemy is blocking.

  3. When your opponent blocks, it grants additional chip damage, i think 0.6% rather than about 0.25% I could be wrong on the numbers

  4. Question. Did the patch that came out put an end to cancelling into bola because you could bola spam? I love batgirl and have been eating up as much info as I can and almost everyone who has post anything posts the cancel into the bola, but i'm either mechanically retarded or this is no longer possible…Just got the game and char yesterday.

  5. They deal more chip damage. They deal more damage for blockers in other words.

  6. they normalize any hits you do with your fist to a blocking opponent

  7. In this universe she became oracle to help the insurgency, that would be after Superman killed Joker. After she defeats superman she became Batgirl, unlike the standard canon where she is Batgirl then Oracle.

  8. More chip damage. I almost didn't catch it either cause he switches stances just as he says chip, hah

  9. They do more chip damage, that is, they do more damage on block than they would normally do.

  10. I can't land the B2U3x2, J2, DD3. The damn smoke bomb won't land no matter how well I do it. Is it just me?

  11. How do you get her to string the enemy up after the smoke bomb? Did you say 'mirror'?

  12. its hard to do the first intermediate combo I cant time her straight justice from her redemption meter burn

  13. have they released any costumes for her yet? i really wanna see cassie cane and stephanie brown in this game

  14. Batgirl's electric blades do more chip damage, meaning that they're more effect against enemies who block constantly than her blades do. If you're up against an opponent who doesn't block for anything, stick with blades; if they're advanced and know how to block properly, I'd stick with the electric brass knuckles the entire round.

  15. Ian Wade its no glitch. You need to be in the air. Jump and once you are in the air, activate it.

  16. if i may, just do the inputs of the move, they will come out. time it wisely but just do the move and it will come out. i realize this was just 4 weeks ago so you may have it down by now.

  17. holy crap i have over 300 wins with babs and i still cant do the bola after the uppercut someone please help

  18. thanks this really helped i've been playing batman for awhile now im trying bat girl

  19. with electic blades you do more damage on blocking enemies

  20. Very informative. Thanks doing for the slo mo
    I've been trying to land the back light, medium, uppercut to bola. But I can't land the bola.
    Is it a timing thing?
    I'm using a fight stick with the full circle and quarter circle controls and I can't land the bola. Any tips? Or does practice make execution? Ha ha great video!! 🙂

  21. Oscar: the timing for the uppercut -> bolla is timing. Asfast you have done the uppercut do the bolla. You have to be very quick.

  22. The electrick knuckles make her do more chip damage and make meter burned moves like batarangs do more damage.

  23. Where are the other characters? You should do Deathstroke.

  24. none of this works ne more. they nerfed the crap out of batgirl. she was ba

  25. Does anyone else get a glitch that by doing her light-light-light combo (only the first two) and then a directional input you get a batarang or a bola?

  26. These are really good, i understand how to use characters better and everything but i like flash you should do the flash he is amazing plz

  27. I use flash, I could never beat the game on medium. First try I beat it on medium with batgirl.

  28. I can get all of these combos except for the bolas after the uppercut. The game won't let me use them immediately after like that.

  29. You guys should really do all of the characters. it is very helpfuul

  30. God fucking bless you. I don't think you understand. God. Fucking. Bless you.

  31. Dude I gotta say, videos you guys do are amazing although I already know most of the character's moves and strategies, but still amaaaaaaazzziiiiiiiinnnnggg!!!!!!!!!!

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