Injustice Gods Among Us Character Guide – Wonder Woman

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This is a beginner/intermediate guide for Wonder Woman in Injustice Gods Among Us, based on the demo. It is meant for newcomers to get used to this character and improve upon the basic and slightly more advanced combos listed in this video.

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  1. I always found the sword stance really good and is my go to for fighting i couch multiplayer with a friend and i can win multiple rounds in a row with using her sword stance

  2. The best thing about Wonder Woman’s combos is that you don’t really need meter to do high damage giving you the chance to save up for a super move

  3. are you gonna do this with the other characters in the real game? that would be sweet

  4. Just a tip: Instead of doing hard, hard ~ lasso spin, back + hard, which is very difficult to time right, do it like this: hard, hard, medium, hard, back + hard. They do similar damage (23% the first and 24% the second), but the latter is much easier to get right.

  5. good review, but should mention her back 2, 3 combo. its one of the best in the game.

  6. Austin in the Injustice demo u can only use 3. As Far as shield Stance it works well close range. You can pull off some great combos that dish out 30% n higher

  7. also a good super move combo is: lasso spin x2, super move

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