Injustice Gods Among Us – Deathstroke Combo Guide

Herald Of Kombat
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Here’s the combo guide for… Deathstroke!

Btw, if you guys remember me saying that I liked and played this character or wanted back for Injustice 3, I want you guys to forget about all that, thanks.

Button descriptions:

– 1: Square in PlayStation / X in Xbox
– 2: Triangle in PlayStation / Y in Xbox
– 3: Cross in PlayStation / A in Xbox
– 4: Circle in PlayStation / B in Xbox
– B: Back
– F: Forward
– D: Down
– U: Up
– J: Jump
– ~: special cancel/follow-up with
– [ ]: hold the button/direction
– Lvl 1/2/3: Level 1/2/3
– MB: Meter Burn
– Super Move

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  1. well you do it with playstation button so i can understand

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