Injustice: Gods Among Us – Harley Quinn Breakdown Guide Tutorial Thing

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Here’s a breakdown on how to get started with Harley and things you should be doing.


  1. I do hope as harley gets fleshed out people start finding a good time to use the trait that isn't better served with going in for pressure. It just feels so wasteful that such a huge part of most characters is barely applied for her. =(

  2. I'm not a great Harley or anything, but I have tried that 112 Trait thing before, and she /can/ get smacked by wakeup attacks, so it's still not great.

  3. It's random, so a pain to use sometimes. I just use it when I can get the time in game to do it

  4. I'm sorry, you have probably already covered it but what are her best wakeup options? as far as if someone jumps in on you for a crossup?

    Great and thorough vid! and upload some matches!

  5. Thanks for the awesome video man! I've been playing her since launch but this really game me a lot of ideas.

  6. what kind of full combos can you do after with harley's jump 2 as an air-to-air starter?

  7. Thanks, this is very helpful, Harley is my favorite in the entire roster, what costum is that with green arrow?

  8. To add in @ 9:41 I'm confident you could also condition your opponent to block low and when they you use b+2, add tantrum stance right afterward, b+2xxTantrum Stance.
    It could lead to some interesting situations. Be it your opponent tries to punish the b+2 and not expect the tantrum stance, leading to a combo. Or they block the tantrum stance which gives you a another 50/50 is the opponent is hesitant.

  9. Some strange reason I got good with her. I find myself learning new things every time i play online

  10. thanks for the video i've never been a high tiered fighting gamer lol but i do alright given enough practice i'm either gonna use harley or one other i havent decided on yet

  11. thank you some one who fully reviews the characters i have found my drift0r of injustice thank you

  12. Her heads up and cupcake bomb work as good anti airs from a distance

  13. try the forward+medium into hard combo and press the trait after..that is if you're trying to get the health/power buff. your opponent will be in the air so it'll give you enough time to get it off

  14. WHAT THE FUCK!!! i thought i was a beast with harley

    i didnt know you can do her launcher into a jumping kick and then back into her launcher.
    i usually follow up with back 3 after her launcher

  15. How do I beat spammers with her? Mainly just Supmerman, Dickstroke, & Joker

  16. this helps, but can u go into an actually full break down of the combos? like show the full combo, and then break down each part please. im just starting the game and im just so confused/

  17. He's right, I main Harley and it's like the computer knows exactly which option of her trait you desperately need and then gives you one of the others

  18. Are you ignoring the existence of lesbians or the popularity of the Arkham series?

  19. the stupid tramp stamp and thong pulled up are stupid! and what do lesbians have to so with it? that outfit with the blond was not in the arkham series close but not that!

  20. no its not but I don't expect you to notice of that stupid thong and tramp stamp!

  21. I may be wrong – it happens a fair bit – but this seems to be Harley's Arkham City outfit. Also, it's not just guys that find hot girls attractive.

  22. ok I double checked in the video it is arkham city so my bad on that but I still hate the slutty outfit! and ya I know girls find hot girls attractive your preachin to the choirs on that one. but that tramp stamp and that stupid thong crap they did like sonya blade just pisses me off! sorry I get a lil crazy over harley

  23. Welcome to the sexist world of females in comics… it really is a case of them being damned if they do and damned if they don't. If they had the women dressed in sensible clothing, they would get complaints about how they 'weren't staying true to the character' – just look at the responses to the various Wonder Woman outfits that *didn't* look like swimsuits! The fact that people like the outfit from a porno speaks volumes. Apparently, dressing them slutty is the lesser of two evils…?

  24. wonder woman?!? where did that come from and I love her new outfit with the jacket and jeans 600 I think

  25. I agree! I was just using Wonder Woman as an example. Some people freaked out because she wasn't wearing that usual skimpy thing both with that #600 outfit and originally in the New 52. It's not hard to find art of Wonder Woman with full-length pants on before the 'fans' took to the internet to rage…

  26. lol ya I have learned to HATE most fans of most things for sum reason the dumb pig of a dude is now also the geek who like comics very very sad

  27. Timestamps:

    Normals 00:30
    Strings 07:00
    Specials 09:43
    Combos 19:47

  28. what would you recommend using as a follow-up to her super? sorta like arrow, you can keep comboing off of it.

  29. I find the "Play doctor" the best, cuz if you combo her super it's extreamly hard to follow-up the super with anything long. PLUS the play doctor doesn't give the opponent a wake up option, like said in this video 🙂

  30. no body can tell me that Harley Quinn is one of the hottest female villain, but theres Cat woman, and Poison Ivy and Talia Al Ghul

  31. Thanks man. Your guide is very useful, shes my main character now. Its just a shame I got this game so late.

    Hahaha you voice sounds so similar to one of the henchmen in Batman Arkham City who says '…when the Joker dies, I'm going to ride myself the Harley'

  32. You NEED to do online matches with her. Your combos are great! Harley is weak, but her combos are pretty long so the damage put together is amazing. She's my main and she is a good character.

  33. I'm glad I found this video…it's the best tutorial I've seen. I'm fairly new to Harley in this game, so learning the combos is still slow-going. The big question I have is this: how is her back-kick done? I see it at 19:45 as the last element in "Rude Joke." I'm on PS3 and I just can't figure it out. I'll be sad if it can't be done on PS3. LOL!!!

  34. Half of these words I don't even know… But gr8 video, I'm a tad bit new to Harley and this is probably the best video I have seen for breakdown/Guide. I have beaten people with her but I want to get better because when I am fighting it can be a close match and then just kick and boom I win, just want to get better. So thanks

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