Injustice: Gods Among Us – The Caped Crusader Trophy / Achievement Guide

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Win with Batman using every special move and his Supermove [Bronze / 10G]

This can easily be done in a Versus Local Multiplayer Match. Select Batman and reassign your controller to choose another fighter. Then reassign your controller to port 1 again and start the fight. When pausing the game you can check out the move list. Look for the section that says “Special Moves”. You need to perform all 8 moves (including the super move) in one single match. You do not need to actually hit / damage your opponent with any of these attacks. Just performing them is enough.

Note: This trophy / achievement is likely to be glitched. If it is glitched for you then please delete all save games, all profile data, the install data and all patches.


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  1. how do u get the meter all the way full and still have to do meter burn attacks?

  2. Its not glitched for me, try actually connecting all moves.

  3. Pretty sure this achievement is broken. I've tried this one over and over using a few different methods… Oh well.

  4. wow people its common sense you have to use 2 controllers to do it , very easy i did it first try

  5. I did all his moves even his power and nothing. This and deaths role achievement fucked up

  6. Can this be done in Practice Mode with a friend on Xbox Live

  7. Where can you remove this countdown? Im'm oo slow for this ^^

  8. How do you change to infinite time. I'm struggling here

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