Mira HQ Map Guide – Among Us

Jack Benci
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A big thank you to Zombie Rummager for his permission to make a similar style video! You can find it here:

Here is my commentated overview of MIRA HQ, along with some comments on the rooms of the maps, tips and tricks and some advice on winning your games!

(Yes this video is longer than the Polus one… Don’t question it lol)

Introduction – 0:00
General Overview – 0:30
Launchpad – 2:22
Medbay – 5:24
Communications – 7:09
Locker Room/Decontainmentation – 10:23
Reactor – 11:51
Laboratory – 14:13
Cafeteria – 16:54
Balcony – 18:51
Storage/Hallway Speel – 20:08
Admin – 23:31
Greenhouse – 24:26
Office – 24:56
Imposter Mechanics – 25:40
Conclusion – 27:40

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  1. The divert power is a task I only got it once so it’s probably rare

  2. 20 percent of comments: I love Mira!

    The other 80 percent: DivErt pOWer to laUNchpAd is Reel

  3. So I feel like I am the only dumb new Mira HQ player who was ordering 3 random drinks at the vending machine to complete the task and sometimes wondered "why doesn't the task complete"

  4. Everybody:You have to come back after 100 sec after clicking the button
    Me:confused and clicks 100 times

  5. Actually, the holloween skin DOES change things. There is a kinda hiding place being the candles in reactor if ur white.

  6. Yes, the divert power to launchpad is a thing. There was a time where o2 got sabotaged and when I fixed it I saw the arrow leading to launchpad and sure enough, it’s the small thing that you were confused at whether it existed or not.

  7. hard disagree with your opinion on comms sabotage, a person on admin table can very easily find out whether or not a kill is a possible frame since they will not only see the number of people in a room that a person gets killed in but they will also see the person venting away. before i try to frame someone i tend to sabotage comms because of that.

  8. For most people, the most forgotten map

    Me: It's my favorite map.
    Like this comment if it's also your favorite map

  9. I don't know why people hate this map. It's my favorite one.

  10. The "divert power to" task that starts at reactor goes to anywhere with that post and the rectangle on it: So yes, Divert Power to Launchpad is a task.

  11. MIRA HQ is the first place on my favorite maps
    Polus – 2nd place
    The Skeld – 3rdPlace (because i know how to do all the tasks and i know everything, including vents)

  12. 24:26 u forgot to mention there's a vent behind the o2 fix most people miss

  13. Personally I love this map but it is the weakest out of the three mostly because of its sucky security system. I hate the doorlog it doesnt help me at all I rather have cameras, but I love the tasks

  14. the divert power system in the impostor hotspot is not a task

  15. well i like MIRA HEADCORNERS/MIRA HQ but wen i have 0 more task what to do?i do not like going to coms so what to do ? plz give me tips

  16. 7:54 i don't thing this is a limit to it but only i comms are sabotaged, the log gets cleared

  17. Me when i play free play: *puts all tasks to prove im innocent*

  18. "Balcony murders arent common"

    Thats like, one of the most dangerous places in Mira

    Plus reactor and lab in my opinion are terrible places to kill cause you can't let ANYONE see you go in with a another person. Or they going to know it was just you and them, or that a group of 4 came in so it has to be one of them. I've tried killing in reactor or lab, most of the time it gets me caught, and no one saw me vent or kill, they just deduce that its me.

  19. I was trying to find out how to play Mira in R6 so I searched Mira guide and get this 💀

  20. 5:33 (me, who is obsessed with this task bcuz I relate it to another game)

  21. 1:12The huge gap between launchpad and cafeteria is to Prevent people who call emergency meetings at the beginning of the game for no reason

  22. My favorite strat is to sabotage o2 then go to the keypad at the bottom of the map and wait for someone to come

  23. The hallways on the way to cafeteria kind of look like the hallways that all the classrooms were in in my old school

  24. This map is a utter pain in my butt when I'm a imposter

    The map is too lean and tall for me, people can easily see me

    There's barely anywhere to wander without looking sus

    And it's really hard to lie since people can easily see where you are and what you're been doing

  25. Used to be a skeld girl (We all did) but my friends didn’t like it so I half-learned polus, and then tried mira and I LOVED IT! The vent system is heavenly…my new friend plays skeld and doesn’t let us do other maps, but when i vent i get confused cause i try and go from like resctor to medbay

  26. Thanks I really don't know how MiraHQ looks well but I am a pro in skeld as I have lost only 1 game as an impostor and 67 games as a crewmate.and I have won 408 times.now I will try to play on MIRA BTW

  27. I honestly love this map. It’s so fun to have all the plays, it’s so unlike anything else

  28. There's actually four maps in among us airship is coming soon on 2021

  29. Jack: U dont see balcony kills happen too often
    Me: A victim of a double kill on the balcony

  30. My strategy in this map is,Lets says I was in north and I wanted to vent(this is and imposter strategy)I Trigger the door log then vent to Southeast,wait a few seconds,vent out then trigger that door log and if someone is on door logs they would think i just walked there

  31. Here's a simple Divert Power Guide for newcomers
    I have versions in Skeld and Polus too,so go check those out
    The Divert Power Locations are LaunchPad,Medbay,Communications,Laboratory,Cafeteria,Office,Admin and Greenhouse.
    The area to Divert the Power is in Reactor
    If you see anyone go to a divert power location before heading to Reactor,you know what to do,Call a meeting!
    That's basically it because there's no download data in this map
    Edit:There's actually just 1 more thing I want to talk about
    Once 02 gets sabatoged,I fell like a lot of people don't know where the second 02 panel is,
    The first one,as you probably know if you've been in a game where oxygen got sabatoged,Is in Greenhouse
    The second one is in the hall connecting Launchpad and Medbay,Comms
    It's at the beginning of the picture hall

  32. I can say that I'm gonna use these tips and tricks to my adVENTage!

  33. medbay is not the only visual task there is the dish on balcony

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