The Ultimate Guide to Hiding in Among Us

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This is the Ultimate Guide to hiding in Among Us, the only one you will ever need (at least until a new map comes out). It contains all the hiding spots in all locations on all maps and how to do them, this is helpful for impostors and crewmates. Hope you enjoy and find this useful! 😀 Lik and sub for more! :b


  1. I love the Mario Kart Wii Soundtracks, It takes me back to my childhood. I can listen to it all day, also check out his playlist of the soundtracks he uses

    Edit : Btw thanks this was amazing!

    Edit again : Btw to people saying Im not 7th or 6th check time difference

    Edit again (Sorry For So Much Edits) – Ty for the heart it gave me a notification that you gave me a heart tysm ❤️

  3. Day 18 waiting for…

    crewstoretectiveviceatumposteruhpogmoments 2 – I come back after hiding

  4. hello when is your next live stream . also , please do it at 3 pm gmt if possible . i enjoy ur streams but am always unable to join . Ty !

  5. Hey it's me your 7 subscriber do you remember me?

  6. actually, on polus if you change color to white and hide in the corner of decom, you blend in and nobody can see you on admin table, as well as it being good for hide and seek because nobody goes there, and you have to ways to go in case an imposter is coming, both having fairly good hiding spots.

  7. looks like these 3 thrusters behind the reactor is dancing with this music

  8. Ah yes, how to embrace your anti socialism and hide even in a game. This is my favourite game mode.

  9. Verified youtuber with 180k and only 100 views. That really shows how dead among us is ;-;

  10. thats good but what about the bodies hide in nav comms chair and shield some hiding spots are good for bodies and people

  11. 10:04 that room I always go in as I always mess up which one has the ladder lol

  12. love the music and the hidden spots I always do this to all of my friends

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