VRChat: Among Us – A Beginner’s Guide (VRChat Griefing)

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Once you watch this video, you’ll become a seasoned veteran in no time!

Inspirations for this video/cinematic parallels:

Gisuppe Verdi – La Donna e Mobile
Prism – Spaceship Superstar
Montrose – Space Station #5
Keiichi Okabe – Fortress of Lies
Anticapella – 2 V=231
The Highwaymen – Highwayman
The Flinstones 1995 SNES – Staff Roll


  1. I would like to thank the VRChat community for abusing the shit out of my trick so much that the creator had to patch it lmao

  2. these people need a good dose of "calm down bro its just a video game"

  3. i can't believe there are anti-semites in vrchat like that guy at 2:53 , I will no longer be letting my child play this game. Just another excuse for anti-semites to make a game out of mass-murderers

  4. "you have the mentality of an 8 year old, get on my level"
    – guy dishing out playground insults on vrchat among us

  5. The editing style is amazing, I love my part in the vid too, like a Military debrief

  6. "you have a room temperature IQ"
    yeah, in Kelvin

  7. Good video but you forgot the mentioning and covering of the deadly space virus that MxChevious clearly caught in the video. Also known as "The Space Craze" usually developed in children who refused to take their ADHD medication and are exposed to the harmful elements of space.

  8. You can hear the preteen on these kid's voices. It's like a portal back into the early days of COD online.

  9. Thank you for the in depth guide, Ill have to try this sometime.

  10. Had this sitting in my "watch later" playlist for too long. Didn't want to watch it on stream in case it was edgy (it was).

    This video is heat. More content, please.

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