10 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs

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10 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs

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  1. Henry Stickman hat when he become one, he became the leader of the top pop crew

  2. "Tan, what were you doing?"
    me: "I was watching the box on the TV."

  3. Easter egg number 3, the China I literally saw one of my favorite youtubers mattshee

  4. there is also a picture of henry stickman in the airship map near below the meeting button

  5. There is a teleporter from Henry stickman where the eject leafs is near the diamond

  6. Actually in among they only give the thumbs up on polus if they were imp

  7. Maybe the devs got another secret, but in the Halloween update near comms, the walls were “oozing green slime.” This might be a reference to the “Graveyard Shift” SpongeBob episode.

  8. I guess that Blue cap was a Capsule Corp. reference from Dragon Ball.

  9. If you’re going for a door if you go to the toilet and south poles, and if you look at the start of winter clothes, which you can see a crewmate peeking out, and if you are imposter the event, which is a hole for some reason and polis it would make the crewmates bond have clothes to read but if you pick fair, you can also see you like a crewmate there but you can’t see it as a part even when you’re a ghost and you go bother you can’t see the rest of it

  10. He forgot one the like purple mask from Henry stickmen

  11. my guess is that the among us characters are actually stickmin and that's why there are so many references

  12. There's also hundreds of henry stickmin references like the airship map is from henry stickmin I know henry stickmin came first and there's literally a achievement where you get all the amog us's and also both games are in the same universe and there literal proof for this

  13. Is wasn’t super Mario it was someone just drawing super mario

  14. Another secret: There's a white crewmate/impostor in the first toilet, but the downside u can only see the legs

  15. Wait but isn't the airship the same one as in Henry stickman

  16. Two years and Among Us is almost dead. Now, I noticed an error. MINECRAFT WAS STILL THE MOST POPULAR GAME!!

  17. With the one to dig to China, he literally showed Matt shea

  18. Something interesting about the dead snow body is that the bone is not made out of snow.
    My theory might be that an imposter killed a crew mate and digged him a hole so he could hide the body and made a fake snow dead body to scare the other people, though he only left the bone.

  19. POV: you clicked on the video just to say that you knew about that Easter egg in the thumbnail

  20. I knew that plant guy looked familiar I used to play Zelda all the time

  21. If you are doing a Henry stick man secrets video I got one when you get the cosmic allies ending the top of the building is the polus map

  22. I saw the Easter egg with the dead body covered in snow

  23. The skull in the specimen room is from orcs must die

  24. did you know in among us when comms gets sabotaged engineers can’t vent?

  25. It’s really funny that he put the korok Easter egg in so many times i can tell you THREE

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