10 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs

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10 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs

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This Among Us Video is based around 15 SECRET Among Us Easter Eggs, For more among us tips & tricks, among us secrets, among us best moments & more subscribe.


  1. Fun fact: if you have ever played Castle crashers remastered,


    You would have seen the seen when cyclops dies in lava, he puts his thumb up. Like the terminator and among us.

  2. Free stickman among us is ashley's saying cds noise this noise is at philippines don't don't don't hear a statement you know is alexa sounds to among us a same

  3. T5G can you do another easter eggs vid on among us? Its been 2yrs

  4. There is a MLG Fix weather and I think that is a reference to the time Henny stickman 360 His ally

  5. The koroks aren’t only in botw there also in other Zelda games

  6. Guy forgot hery stick man pet that girl is there when they were escaping prision

  7. 0:11 if it was found before engineers were added, that was DEFINETLY what they were teasing

  8. Did anyone realize that when it was about to change the tv hit the corner

  9. in the storage on Polus, there is a drill from dig to china

  10. For some reason the subtitles are Vietnamese, and there are english words, but it sounds very weird

  11. The Blueberry The Pool-noodle The Lizard The Stick says:

    He misses two in polus one of the specimens in specimen is in the shape of w top hat and the poster in Mira hq

  12. Fun fact: one the files next to the the files referencing the endings of Henry Stickman, there’s a file that seems to purposefully be named ‘MLG’

  13. the korki were also from the 2000 zelda game the legend of zelda wind waker

  14. The Terminator one is visible after an impostor is caught

  15. I think i found an eleventh easter egg, when you go in the Office, in the top right is a Henry Stickmin poster

  16. Is the first one even a Easter egg?
    I've seen it a billion times

  17. I noticed the dead snowman in among us polus

  18. They give a thumbs up if they are the imposter they don’t do anything if they are not the imposter

  19. When I played among us for the first time I thought the snow body was a real dead body so when. And I spent most of the round trying to get there until a meeting was call and then I told them but there was no white or white was alive. Next round it was there then I realized it was for looks. Lol

  20. Fun fact: There is an episode called fleeing the Airship which is a direct refrence to the Airship Map of Among us

  21. Me who owns an actual Dell laptop

    Yes, Dell is terrible kids

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