Admin Room Guide (Among Us)

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Hope you have gotten better from this video!

If we hit 2 likes I will make a Security Room Guide!

Edit: I won’t make a security guide, but I will continue to make Among Us videos. Stay healthy!


  1. I use admin so I can give people the receipts when I call a meeting, lol

  2. Here's some things you could improve on: 1. Skip unimportant parts, 2. Use transitions, 3. Dont leave useless gameplay in, that is not on topic, 4. Keep it nice and short.

  3. Oh yey, im globispace, you use kinemaster too. Look my vids if you want ^-^

  4. can you confirm if the person is in vents and switches to the vents of any other room and not come out, will admin show it that someone is jumping vents or not?

  5. one time i killed a dummy then another dummy reported it and they all kicked me off

  6. When I played this game yesterday, I see something suspicious from the Admin table, but that player name didn't show up
    🙁 So I cannot tell who the imposter is

  7. That moment he played among us before it blew up

  8. But what happens if the Imposter left the game ?? Can I still Vote him/her ??

  9. I’m so confused my friend saw me kill someone on admin and she didn’t see me go in the room, she said she could see my color on admin. What the Heck

  10. there are so many other video editors on mobile that dont have a water mark. Why does every1 use KineMaster?

  11. I am tired of getting caught so easily even though no one saw me and this is why

  12. Pro tip, if someone gets killed, the icon will blink

  13. If there 2 people in admin but it says there are 3, that means that someone is in the vents

  14. Just a peacefull swipe and every players at my server like there are 5 players there didn't make it like 1 hour (real)

  15. sajeu cette fois tu ne vas pas me voler le compte says:

    You should use short cut it's free run on low spec computer ans easily understandable

  16. Basically…
    Admin rooms shows how much players are in a room.
    Even if the player is ded, it still counts.
    If a person dies, their icon blinks, that shows that they have been killed.
    Admin won't show the color of the player.
    And the admin room is only effective in catching who vents, who self reports, and who dies.

    Pro tips :
    Once you see an icon blink and someone else leave, that one guy that left is the killer. Go to the area and see who it is.
    If an icon blinks and gets immediatly gets reported. It is 100% self report, unless someone else enters the room and reports it himself.
    DO NOT stay still when you see that when an icon suddenly disappears from a room and suddenly another icon appears from another room, raise your suspicion.
    Time to time when you finish scanning with admin then do some laps around the map, maybe the Impostor is good and maybe smart enough to outsmart the admin map so make sure to do laps

  17. Also Important:
    -if someone gets killed the mark on admin fllashes for a second
    -people in vents are also shown on the map

  18. i use the trick that if two people are in a room and it blinks then i go to that room instant unless they report instant then i know they inposter becuase it works when someone dies it blinks NOT STOLEN I JUST KNEW THIS

  19. Best. Tip

    1. When character blinks means someone died

    2. When u are with 2 persons or single and when u are single in that room and it shows 2 persons it means someone watches u thro vents

    3. If someone teleport from electrical and security and medbay it means someone vents / Or even if it teleport room to another room

    4. idk

  20. Tbh I Use Admin And A Person Vented To Medbay, I Went To Medbay And the Person Was Gone, I Think They Vented To Electrical Or Security

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