How To Vent In Among Us Mobile & PC | Vent Guide & What It Means

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How to vent in Among Us and vent guide. Learn what it means to vent in among us.


  1. More tutorials n tips n tricks for Among Us please!! Your videos are clear and to the point unlike the many others available! Love it and thank you!❤

  2. You Forgot That Engineers and Shapeshifters can vent Too!

  3. my friend did this as a crewmate one time but he got sussed and ejected : (asawef

  4. when he was about to say how my internet went hmm that susss

  5. Can people see you if you are waiting in the vents

  6. Sometimes people know I vent even though no one was in the room or on cams.

    How can people tell?

  7. Okay
    A group of my friends said they saw me in the vent when I was switching rooms
    You can't see the imposter when they are just sitting in the vent right?!?!
    I got Ejected for this
    Like excuse me? I started in cafeteria clicked the arrow to admin didn't get out of the vent then when somewhere else.
    How did they see me in the vent

  8. You know what makes no sense? There are litterally 2 vents in an REACTOR room. You know in case ofa radiation leak the stuff immediately gets spread over to the engines. You could just lock doors to partially contain the radiation but with 2 vents….

    I know its a game so it doesnt have to make sense

  9. the title says "how to vent in among us mobile" but u didnt show us how to vent in mobile. do u know how?

  10. theres a big “vent” button, Click it then press the arrows and then press vent again. You got it 💜

  11. Wow I've been playing this game for weeks and had no idea how vent works 😂 I thought you're just supposed to hide in there for a while and come out when a crewmate leaves 😆

  12. I already know how to use vent if im the Impostor I will vent if I kill someone

  13. Pq no meu o título tá em português e ele fala inglês

  14. whats the key to vent. so i dont have to bring my mouse to the vent

  15. Have you guys ever wondered why they need vents in space i mean there is no air in space lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆

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