All Among Us Cosmetics Full Guide on How To Get Them

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  1. This man bought evertto showcase in this vid true dedication

  2. I have a question if u buy the one mil hat bundle does it give u wll the stuff

  3. You will get headphone in the mira hq bundle don't trust him an if you buy the mira hq bundle you will get pet the alien and ufo

  4. Mobile is free and you need to pay for pc version therefore you get some premium hat

  5. When you buy a hat from a bundle do you get the entire bundle or just that one

  6. yo bro which pack to i buy that has the sword on the head?

  7. aa guy did u here the super smash bros song in the back round like and commemt if u do here the same as me


  8. Hey i bought among us for PC and i didnt get the polus and the mira hat/skins. Do i need to pay those?

  9. How do you get the winter gear in Polus bundle? Plz reply I really want skins 🙁

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