How To Use ADMIN TABLE In AMONG US | Full Guide

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In This Video, I Am Going To Show You Guys How You Can Use ADMIN TABLE Like A Pro In AMONG US.
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📱 Device Used: OnePlus 6
🎥 Screen Recorder: OnePlus Screen Recorder
👨🏻‍💻 Editing Software: KineMaster

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  1. I don’t worry about among us and we will make sure that you are doing something to us and I can not get the money back because you don’t worry about it noob and then you have a good time to make a video of you guys and I will send you a video of my friends and It’s going come up in the 2023👎👎👎👎👎

  2. EDIT: 1:21 The Impostor Who Vented From Security To Electrical Didn't Secure The KILL 🔪

  3. I know a player mesty, she was not so good in the game,
    But I sent her this and she became pro🔥
    Thanks for sharing ♥️🤘🏻

  4. Really helpful video, won my game from this technique very easily.👍well done immortzen .🎉👍

  5. Nice bro I subscribed your channel also support me bro 👍👍👍👍

  6. Good tutorial Mortzen. When's the next vid coming out? 🙂

  7. A very great tutorial, I already knew all of these but the way you explained it is very good.

  8. I love how this video is a total riipoff of another video. Literally the same words and everything

  9. when i follow someone i find sus, i alwasy die lol what

  10. Im very confused about the admin table, why is there no flick at 1:20 for the security kill. Im trying to figure out how to see kills on admin table but I cant see the flick. I saw it at 1:50 but not at 1:20

  11. Only admin tutorial i see with real time footage. Good Job bro!

  12. Does the flicker of people in a room always mean that there's a kill? Sometimes if someone leaves and another person enters at almost the same time it also looks similar doesn't it, it can be confusing

  13. this tutorial deserves to blow up and in fact a quick side note is why is your ping so high what internet provider do you use

  14. Amazing, Fabulous & The Best Tutorial In The World For Admin Table! 💋

  15. at 2:17 at storage there's 2 bodies and then one of them flicks. why didn't you go to storage to check for body?

  16. I always end up seeing flicks that usually show a murder but then I find no body. I always play on skeld

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