Always Become Imposter in AMONG US UPDATED VERSION with Installation Guide ✔️✔️ || #AmongUS #Tricks

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Presenting you the best way to become Imposter in AMONG US everytime!!!

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📱 Device : POCO F1
🎥 Video Recorder : Xiaomi Screen Recorder
🎬 Editing Software : KineMaster Premium

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  1. ((In my next video i'll bring glitches and tricks for iOS and Android))Download Link (Updated!!!)– Click continue and close every pop up ads.- After opening the link wait for 5 sec- Click on Download and close the pop up ad- Click Download Again ✌️

  2. Bro is it like the previous mod i.e. even if we kill someone they will be alive problem

  3. Bro I tried this and the other imposters killed me 😂

  4. Bro website mein jake kese download karna hai… Konsa download ke option pe click karna hai?

  5. Oh
    I've used this apk before
    There's many glitches with it like
    Your own imposter teammate can kill u
    And whenever you win it won't show that you won for other people
    But the apk is still good

  6. Why on my screen tell me there was a problem parsing the package

  7. So you are gonna be Impostor all the time?
    "Yes but actually no"

  8. Hey man can i ask a question what if the game has a new update? How can i update it?

  9. Fauxy it would be better can you pls share the kinemaster premium mod file pls😭😭I am not getting 🙏🙏pls give me the link

  10. Bro u chose one impostor but there were three imposters,bro i also downloaded this mod but if i choose one impostor and turn on always imposter then i become the second impostor even though i have chosen one impostor and the hilarious part is the other imposter can kill you so if you have any other mod plz tell

  11. Fauxy:sees pink and yellow
    Also fauxy:proceeds to kill one of them

  12. Do an glitch that works alot beacuse your glitches does not work so much again

  13. hi its me Jennie from among us i got disconeccted remember u told me this is ur channel yeah

  14. For me it's coming so insurance when opening the link

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