Among Us Basics | Beginner’s Guide

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This is a beginner’s guide to the game Among Us!

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  1. Hi Ben I don’t know you but this is Roman’s brother dude this video is so good, the editing, the music, everything is so friggin good you look like Dream rn my guy! Keep up le gret vids

  2. Just played this game for the first time. I was dead at the time and figured all I had to do was just chill around while the rest play the game. Found out I could chill outside of the ship as a ghost and got hyped. In the end I forgot that ghosts could actually still do tasks and we lost the game off of me not doing mine. I got flamed so hard lmao

  3. I still don’t get how to freaking play like bruhh it’s kinda confusing 😕

  4. I don’t understand the hype of this game🤦‍♂️ wouldn’t y’all rather play cod?

  5. I like that Penguin puts happy violin music while the actual game tutorial puts creepy galactical music lol

  6. This is a great video, helpful for sending to my friend for when we play together.

  7. I guess not being allowed to check the map during the Discussion was a deliberate decision made by the developers?

  8. Good video but the Android photo at the beginning should have been a robot and the Apple one should have been a Sheep 🙂

  9. Every time I go in a vent Idk how to come up through another vent.
    Also- when I click sabotage the map just pops up, I thought you can cut the lights off etc. What am I not understanding? Please help 😂

    Edit: I got the vent part. You gotta hit the arrows 😂🤦🏿‍♂️

  10. I am a total noob. I was so ashamed coz i wasn't doing anything 😂 i uninstalled it but now i am trying to play again and figure out how to 🤫

  11. 9 that's right 9 hours I have 187 on sims and 19 on among us and I played for 1 week lmao

  12. i know my mans didn’t flex 9 hours … i had 42 hours just THIS WEEK BRUH

  13. 9 hours aint that much… I got 1000 hours in skyrim for example

  14. This seems like a very popular game, and I think I'll enjoy it, it seems really cool.
    Stay alive, stay safe, keep running. ||-//

  15. Thanks for the guide. I sorta played this game blind with a YouTuber and everyone was calling me sus every round (and was never the impostor).

  16. When i find a body people always aks :who
    What dies that mean

  17. 9 hours is nice but not as much as 40 hrs

  18. I love how you said "beginners" and not "noobs". Not many people do that!

  19. im teaching my mom and this is really helping her lol ty

  20. I was playing as an imposter and a crewmate somehow knew I used a vent, but he was no where close me. How was he able to find out?? Happend a few times now.

  21. The game is really easy because it is meant for 5 year olds on their mommys phone. Suprised people sctually need a guide for this

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