‘Canister Method/ Trick’ Tutorial Guide – Among Us

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Hey guys I’m back with another video, finally I get to explain what the ‘Canister Method’ is all about.
My Discord Server:
The ‘Canister Method’ is a MEME on my channel.

Basically The ‘Canisters’ “tell” you what to do.
Ex: Vote out imposters

In reality you just find out who the Impostor is and say “The canisters told me to vote out *insert color here*”

I created the ‘Vital Method’ which doesn’t work anymore
Now basically people use the ‘Vital Method’ as a Free Pass to vote someone out without evidence.

The ‘Canister Method’ is the opposite of the ‘Vital Method’, it’s where you tell people who impostor is without proof. I only recommend doing this when you KNOW who the impostor is.

You get me?
Thank you guys so much for 17K, when I hit 20K i’ll have something special for you guys.

until next time,

keep smiling,
– smilekay 🙂


  1. Imma try this next time I know someone is the imposter because of their behavior (yes sus). Every time I get killed because I never said anything 😥 Canisters help me please

  2. Its work lol thx to you that u can show the method i literally guess the 2 Impostor 1 game LOL deserve a sub

  3. Hi dude I was the one playing with you i was jarboi the one who was wearing the red beanie

  4. Its so hard to understand the "canister method" even I watch full video and read the description

  5. Well, actually, the vital method does work, but it's incredibly hard. You have to watch like a hawk. The reason it does work, is likely because you do disappear from the map. I have a 100% guess rate with the heartbeat method. So I do think you should not discount the vitals, as the heartbeats are legit, just it can feel kinda cheaty. You might only get away with using it once or twice, else the impostors will camp you.

  6. among us game from yesterday (polus, final 4)

    me (blue): where was the body
    green: electrical
    brown: blue was with me i was doing canisters
    me: yeah, what did the canisters say?
    brown: canisters say purp
    purple: i say its not

    purple was the impostor

  7. Me: doesn’t understands then it tells me in the description

    My mind: oh it explains everything in the description so I just have to read the description and I’ll understand

    Me realising I need discord:
    I don’t have discord and I don’t know how to use it cuz I probably need to sign up!

    (P.s if I’m wrong about the “sign up” bit then let me know)

  8. Proof canister method is real: i had no proof other than cyan and black teamed: canisters told me it was cyan or black.. it was cyan

  9. I use the canister method everytime if i need do say a proof that (color) is an impostor

  10. Dude I tried this meme as a joke on a real legit game on among us and when I got the canisters task I finished it and then when there is body reported I just pick some random dude and then the next word I said "the canisters never lie" the other crewmates voted at him and then THAT DUDE IS THE IMPOSTOR!!!!?!?!??!! I was shoked at that moment that is 10000% not joke

  11. The Canisters are pretty much like Blaza’s Golden Coin. Why?

    Both of them never lie

  12. What do you mean with "to speak" with the canisters??? 🤔🤔🤔 yes I already read the description but I literally just don't understand 😂

  13. I literally don't get it even when I read the description 🤔😅

  14. This is so fake it doesn't evan show us him talking to the canisters this channel sucks

  15. I̥ͦt̥ͦz̥ͦ W̥ͦi̥ͦl̥ͦl̥ͦo̥ͦw̥ͦ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    The vitals method works but the canisters don't!? 🙄😒😑

  16. ban the people that got me banned becasue they got me banned for no reason i did nothing on the discord server

  17. Wait does it have the name on the can or like it has a voice and speaks? Cause idk still sadly

  18. Wow canisters never lie
    But sadly I can't talk with canisters bc im deaf

  19. Plot twist: he was planned with his people in discord.
    reason: the people have the method canister task and will tell who is the impostor and the impostor would said "me" in discord
    edit: OR he use game chat on previous meeting and he zoomed to people among us people so he will get a lot of views am i right?

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