Top 20 Impostor Tips and Tricks in Among Us – How to Be a Pro Impostor

Among Us Best Highlights
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Among Us Best Moments: Top 20 Impostor Tips and Tricks in Among Us – How to Be a Pro Impostor + Top 20 Impostor Tips and Tricks in Among Us – How to Be a Pro Impostor
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  1. I made a clear map of the skeld and will later make a map of my favourite one polus 😌

  2. My favourite clip was also #3 It's a good win😂🤣😎

  3. Problem with tip 8: please dont blame your "ally". It ruins the game for them, and for all you know, people still might be sus of you later on especially in public lobbies. Plus, if your ex-ally gets impostor next time, they might be hell bent on killing you or getting you voted off. Basically you dont accuse your ally until they are already being sussedn( then it might be sus not to say its them, so).
    Idk about private lobbies, but in most public lobbies, no one cares if you got the other impostor voted off. Okay, it might help a bit, but it probably wont be enough most of the times.
    Moral:just dont do it. Please.

  4. These are among us players based on their colors, well based on my experience:

    Red: The “impostor”

    Orange: The Noob

    Yellow: The Dumb Guy who gets lucky

    Dark Green: The guy who takes forever to vote

    Lime: the accuser

    Blue: The quiet kid

    Cyan: Captain Sus (the guy who always says someone’s sus, and gets mad when someone knows he’s the imposter)

    Purple: the one who wants to be carried

    Pink: The “girl”

    White: The toxic kid

    Brown: the weird kid

    Black: The Tryhard

    Idk if this is accurate or not

  5. My favorite clip wa,s probably #3 just for how clean that win was

  6. My Favourite clip was you guys dieing 🙂
    I need a voodoo doll and a Gun now I don't know what is wrong with me 🙂🔫

  7. Make sure to make a video on "how to be an imposter like Jason voorhees in among us"

  8. The worst part is that I am always sussed for something I never did. It’s completely unfair.

  9. My favorite part of the video is when prpl gets cot venting.
    Plus for some resen i can't hit the bell.

  10. I like to think of among us differently. You dont need to be 400 IQ you just need to have common sense.

  11. Some smart ass crewmates fake task to c who tf is the impo when we kill (:

    I killed n that one bitchy crewmate started spamming the chat Box with my colour

  12. Idk about stuff here, but 𝐆𝐞𝐌𝐬.𝐫𝐄𝐒𝐭 ⚓ thanks appreciated 👍


  13. The only thing I understand from all this tha 𝙜𝙚𝙢𝙨.𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩 ⚓ thanks appreciated ⏪


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