Among Us – Camera Guide [The Skeld]

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Discord IGN & ID: μ’sic🎵🌊🌈#0187

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I like anime, the content I make are intended to be entertaining, random or funny. I just post random stuff i record, or I try to make content for you guys, but I’m doing this just for fun, I have always dreamed to be a youtuber but I’m still learning the basics, I am a mute, I seldom have used my voice on any videos yet, except those videos where i randomly record, or when I’m too lazy to edit stuff out, I try to listen of most of the feedback I get from fans, try to respond to most of the comments and heart them, I don’t mind getting hate since it’s normal for YouTubers to experience them. I just make these videos to make your day alittle special and not boring, I hope you enjoy them and I’m not the best at grammar

About My Name (μ’sic🎵🌊🌈):
Back in the times i was trying to make myself a Nickname, i couldn’t think of anything and i came up with Music, then here comes Anime, after watching atleast 4 Animes, the 5th one is my Favorite, The Anime is Love Live! Genre was Music, School and Slice Of Life, i only watch Slice Of Life Animes, I’m not really into the other genres, so yeah the Love Live! The Anime had the School Idol Group Named μ’s, it’s pronounced Muse, so i though of μ’sic since it fits pretty well, The Word “μ” itself is pronounced Mu, Mu is the greek word for M, Muse is also the 9 Goddess of Music,
So the symbols, 🎵 , 🌊 and 🌈. The Music Symbol is referenced to my Old Name and μ’s aswell, they made some pretty good music, The Wave/Water Symbol is reference for the Second Anime for Love Live! The School Idol Group name is now Aqours, with new characters and a new school, Aqours, Water themed which means Aqua and Ours, the Dream they hoped for to achieve, so i added a Wave/Water Symbol for them, too, now that there is a third Anime for Love Live!, I added a Rainbow, which means a Perfect Dream coming true. I might be adding a star next presenting the Fourth Anime for Love Live! And so on.

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About My Channel:
I made this channel when I used to be little, just watching videos made by other YouTubers and got inspired by them so I made the channel and Subscribed to them, the Inspiring content made me become a slowly growing YouTuber, I like mostly comedy content, so I try to make some, while some are just when I’m lazy to make videos.


  1. I remember how I win 3 rounds in a row only because of cameras

  2. Sabotage lights, then go to electrical, just wait till someone comes to electrical, then kill it

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