Among Us-Die Tonight (Lip Sync Guide)(By Game Tunes Parody Of BTS Dynamite)

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  1. Awesome!! Glad I found your videos! Look into using smzeus . c o m! It’s a very powerful tool, you can promote all of your social media profiles, YouTube videos etc!!!

  2. I was looking for some karaoke video of this but only the first one who popped out is this video


  4. U using InShot too.I also use it.And this is so damn good.Kepo it up.I subbed

  5. This should be more popular by "I saw u vent" but I think" I saw u vent" is first song of among us😕

  6. Same i love 💘 ❤ 💗 💕 ♥ 💓 💘 this song

  7. WAIT! If you look at AUL 20, there is hornsly and qwerty, but in ths song, Blue withe the viking horns robot sidekick… hornsly as a robot and he is blue… and they have a hat with horns! OMG THEY ARE PRACTICALLY THE SAME FWREAKING PERSON!!!

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