Injustice: Gods Among Us – Heavy Hitter Achievement Guide

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Injustice: Gods Among Us – Heavy Hitter Achievement/Trophy Guide

Heavy Hitter 10GS/Bronze
Perform a 10 hit combo with every character

This achievement can be done in practice mode. Many of the games arenas have stage transitions that result in combos of 10 hits or more, allowing you to earn a 10 hit combo through just a single input.

Go to practice mode, choose a character and the Wayne’s Manor stage. Push your opponent all the way to the right, and press backwards+hard attack to do the level transition. Wait for the animation to end, and you’ll see you’ve landed a 16 hit combo. This counts as landing a 10 hit combo for that character.

Now go back to character select and repeat these steps for all 24 characters. Work your way through each character in order so you can keep track easily. Once you’ve done this with every character, the achievement will unlock.

Other levels that can be used are:
-Stryker’s Island
-Fortress of Solitude
-Wayne’s Manor


  1. Whoever's having trouble still getting the trophy after doing what this video did, try multiplayer and plug up another controller and do it there. That's how I got it, cause practice can sometimes be a hoe lol

  2. Thanks, I didn't think interaction combos counted, but I tried practice twice and it didn't work, so I did it on multiplayer and I got it. Thanks for the idea though👍🏾

  3. awesome bro thank you could not for the life of me get a 10 combo with raven it always drops mid even tho combo is still going

  4. Its not unlocking for me. Does it have to be done in practice mode? I did it in singles fight

  5. Can you please do the Green arrow achievements and the Death Stroke one? thanks!

  6. deathstroke i played multiplayer and only used down forward triangle to machine gun. spam the move win and dont miss the bullets. still working on the green arrow one :/

  7. for alot of multiplayer trophies i did them in versus mode if you only care about the trophy and dont care how you get it just plug in 2nd controller let him stand there and fire away oh and a good tip for death strokes use down,forward+square. Its a 2hit combo but you wont miss any bullets

  8. thanks, got it easy. do you know if can you do the super move, special moves and meter burn in practice and still get the 3 trophies?

  9. You sir are a life saver 😀 I was thinking there is absolutely NO way im going to get this trophy

  10. Omfg I have done a legit 10 hit combo with all chars except hawk girl when I could just do this

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